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This is the common blog of the Web Communication Unit of the European Parliament, but you knew that already, didn't you? On this page, we will introduce ourselves to you.  Let's shake hands, by alphabetical order.

Annastiina is an enthusiastic writer from the land of a thousand lakes and the Moomins  – ie. Finland. She loves travelling all around Europe and beyond, taking photos of clouds and trees, talking about her parents' cats and wearing woollen socks of every colour of the rainbow  – be it winter or summer.

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Media consultant, former Brussels-based correspondent, europhile, dealing with EU Affairs since 1998. He changed Madrid for Brussels because he loves his wife, and swimming for horse riding as he loves his daugther. 
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Asta- our lithuanian supporting editor. Maneuvres among some of social media platforms, as she is responsable for Youtube and blogging. Virtuality is reality and vica versa:)

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Bárbara comes from Madrid – Parisian girls can start to worry, Barbara knows what fashion means. She used to be the youngest of the team, but since then Florent has arrived and things will never be the same.

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Half Belgian, half Dutch. Two-time trainee, now a proud member of the Team. Loves photography, prefers books over music and claims working at WebComm has ruined her for any other job out there.

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Perfect mix between the Belgian sense of humour and the Italian passion, Céline is the new French editor. When she is not chasing the latest news in the halls of the Parliament, you're most likely to find her performing on a theater stage or reading huge books.
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There are three Cristinas, one with a C, one with a K, one with a z somewhere in the middle of her name. She's the C.  Cristina writes in Romanian but also monitors the stats. She knows what you've done last time you visited our main website and she tells us.

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Computer illiterate social media producer, former journalist of 12 years, bon vivant, lovable black sheep, snappy dresser by 1930s standards, a guitarist without a band (for the first time in 20 years) and amateur(ish) home movie producer/writer/director.

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Mesdames et messieurs, Florent belongs to an old and rough tradition of sailors, coming from the far west of France. Just give him the direction and he will navigate there… Even if it's on the web!

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Editing for Estonian language. A former stagiaire in the team and now back for more. Creative writing let’s go!

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"I'm one these guys who put colours on the webpages. And yes, I'm a pixel freak." says Fred. He doesn't belong to our Unit but he does belong to our team. He's the keeper of the graphical charter of the EP's website. Now, that's a serious job.

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He is coordinating the technical part of web editors' work. More a techie guy rather than an editor  but he is also contributing a lot to the visual part of the work with his knowledge of photography and sometimes even with his personally taken photos.

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Georgi, economist by training and a passionate chess player, comes from the European Parliament's Visitors' Service. Now he is glad to be able to still communicate with people interested in the EU – only this time it is through the web.
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Giulio, the Italian editor, likes Mark Twain, post-it, photography, the Smiths, his computer, the beach, fajitas, sad songs and happy people. He's Italian ("whatever it means").

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Support editor from Denmark, came to Web Com 2009 from Press Service. Been in EP since 1997, the first 5 years in Luxembourg.
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Hanneke, the Dutch language editor, has turned the reconciliation of professional and private life into art.

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Also known as Istavn, Ivan, Istuan, Istwan. He is the Hungarian editor in the team. He realized what an exotic name he has when he moved to Brussels.

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Before joining us as a Greek editor, Kostas was a Brussels correspondent for years. He knows the place better than any of us, gets all political gossips before everyone and finds his new job easier because it's a team job.

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Before joining us, Laura was a lifestyle journalist. Passionnate and curious about fashion, beauty, technologies and food, this Belgian girl is kind of an over-connected trendwatcher: she likes to post photos of what she's eating on Instagram, live-tweet the TV-shows she's watching, share her tea time on Facebook and look for what's going to be "the next thing".

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Marko has cut his teeth as the editor-in-chief of a small niche newspaper in Slovenia, until he decided to trade the thrills of negotiating with increasingly thrifty advertisers for a calmer, yet more thought-provoking ecosystem of the Parliament's web unit.

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Polish editor and right hand of His Twitter Majesty Thilo. Motorcyclist, wannabe traveller. Fan of food in all forms and not such a big fan of Bruxelles.

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Changed from editor to coordinator, Nadina is now involved in the new digital strategy of the Parliament and handles galaxies and planets. We know she likes travelling and playing djembé, yet we are very grateful she hasn't yet showed us how much.

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Fully French, but speaks more than one language. Likes to write and to laugh.

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Nicolas belongs to the same Unit as Fred but we still consider him as part of our team. He's a functional analyst. The job covers two main tasks: 1°) to answer "No" to all our requests for developments of new features on the website and 2°) to go and tell the IT team he said no. Then, they drink home-made beers and play videogames.

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Editorial coordinator, she demonstrates she has patience by the barrel when confronted with some demands from editors.

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Our talented photographer illustrates most of our stories. When it's not a photo by him, he found it for us. His job is quite tough because there aren't so many ways of taking pictures of people wearing gray suits in meeting rooms.  Try, you'll see.

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Précila is the answer to all our practical and financial questions. Nobody really understands what she is doing but apparently it runs smoothly :-) Some colleagues would nevertheless really be interested in understanding how she deals with the wonderful world of finance. Is it a real world? Can you meet people there? And all that sort of questions.

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She's Czech, she works hard, she is full of ideas and she has a very sophisticated sense of humour.

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Rita is our new Portuguese language editor. She loves travelling and writing but she never turned those two activities into a job, go figure! She's really happy to join to team as she's looking forward to participate in the team's 2013 Christmas video.
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Rolandas, Lithuanian editor. Before joining WebCom worked as press officer in Vilnius for five years, talking and writing to journalists about the EP. Now switched to 'write' mode, though sometimes also talks. When writing, prefers 'KISS', keeping it simple and…
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Slavomira (or the shortened version – Mira) is our new Slovak editor. She enjoys writing about the EU affairs though she finds herself to be a bit critical about some developments. She does not consider it to be a bad thing as the constructive criticism usually helps us to move forward.   
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English editor Steven worked as a journalist in England for seven years before moving to Brussels to join an animal welfare NGO. He then worked in communication at the European Commission for three years before finally making his way to the Parliament.

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Svetla is our Bulgarian editor. She sometimes complains that, after one year in Brussels, she has not met a real Belge yet.  As a journalist, she worked, in chronologically order, for a newspaper; a news agency; a Radio; a TV and now for a web page. Is that a sign of progress?

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Tayebot is NOT the editorial coordinator anymore. He became "Acting Head of Unit" in September 2012. Nobody really understands what that means but, man, he does send a lot of e-mails, tables, schedule and stuff to the team. He likes to write on online trends, process, workflows and all that sexy kind of subjects. When he is not bothering the editors, he relaxes by bothering his cat.

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Our new German editor seems to have a past full of adventures and mysteries. So far, we only found out he's a climber. Oh, and he is the first male editor who didn't wear a tie on his first day in the office.

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You can see the team in action in our self promoting videos on Vimeo.

Our trainees also sometimes post on this blog, and so do some colleagues from other editorial teams – we call them our "Guest bloggers" and we introduce them in the first paragraph of their post.


There are also some major characters we should mention. They aren't  in the list above because they decided to leave to where the grass is greener. Marie, for example, the former right-hand of Steve,  is now in Ireland – tell her about green grass. Andrea, ex-Italian editor, works at the Commission. Gaëlle, French editor for years, now works at the BBC where she can bash us even more than when she was working with us.  Anna, our first Bulgarian editor, joined the Parliament's library.   Kristine, who was our Danish editor, has succumbed to the call of love – we couldn't hold her back. Eirini, our long time Greek editor and internal paparazzi, now cooks her strange coffee for better educated people who really appreciate it while Manja, Slovenian editor for years, has decided to go and meet her audience back in Ljubljana. So has Helle, our recurrent back-up in Swedish, except she headed to Göteborg 'cause it's a better place for practicing professional Ultimate Freesbe, or so she said. We also lost Sophie, former Fred's sidekick, who introduced butterflies and flowers in the graphical chart of our Headlines and is now casting her spells in other digital lands (UPDATE in Oct. 2012: She's back !).

Leszek now takes care of citizen for real: he joined the Visitors' Unit. Karim came to work with us twice, as a back-up Dutch editor, at different interval. You never know, he could well pop up in again. Christian, one of our team's pillars, has left for another cause: he still works in the Parliament and is in charge of spreading democracy in the world. We're aghast too. Josh emigrated few weeks after Christian to join the Environment Committee. David moved to another EU institution, more devoted to his long term passion: foreign  affairs. Maija, Latvian editor for a while, is somewhere in France (there are worst choices methinks). The most talkative Finnish girl ever,  Hannariikka, now works for a committee – expect longuer reports and accurate amendments…Raffaella left us for the President's cabinet (no less!). 

Soon, this part will be longer than our actual team's list but isn't it natural? After a while, say three or four years, editors move to different jobs.  Peter our Hungarian editor, joined the Visitors' Unit to meet and welcome real citizens. He's been joined quickly by Pavel – are they trying to recompose the team there?

The Maltese Marie-Claire is now devoting her time to her family – they couldn't be luckier. Mindaugas left the coolest unit and still plays his loud music on the corridors of the EP.  Kristiina, former ET editor made a shift in her career and left Brussels while Svetla, former Bulgarian editor is still happy somewhere else in our institution.

Anete left us as well and works now closer to the legislative matters of our Institution. Slivka only spent six months in our team but we'll never forget those six months.

*** Edit in October 2012 ***

OK folks, let's face it: since we opened this blog in 2008, most of the team has changed. In September 2012, our Boss, Steve became an Über-Boss in another Directorate and lead the Unit's keys to Tayebot (at least temporarily). Steve. being the smart one we always knew he was, he took with him Evita and Martina – the atmosphere will never be the same. Sofiaanother pillar of our team (she's been working with us for six years as a Portuguese editor) is kind of taking a break from this very demanding world. Lena, another editor-for-six-years, joined a non-EU organisation after having completing a very important project for us. Right before her, our Danish editor Olav moved back to Copenhagen where we believe he is the happiest man in the happiest country of the world. 

When came summer 2012, Kurt, photo-editor, decided he wanted to be a student again. He may come back one day, you never know with those Academical punks…

Explaining how all the teams involved in the website of the European parliament interact, the process of technical development and all that sort of thing goes beyond the purpose of this page. We'll leave that to a future post.


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