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GeoGuessr EU – can games strengthen European identity?

GeoGuessr EU – can games strengthen European identity?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, let’s play then! Game on In WebComm, we work all day at communicating the political and social aspects of the European Union. What about geography? For all our differences as Europeans, the one thing we share is our continent – what better way to […]

When updates intrude

When updates intrude

Automatic updates – orchestrating changes just when you have turned your back. A few decades ago there was a thing called MSN Messenger that had emoticons for people who wanted to manage their long-distance relationships. Messenger has evolved into eternity but the dire memories of updates remain. Approximately once a year your contact groups got […]


  • ''We thought that trying another approach to talk to the citizen might be worthy. This is not an epic story. This is our version.''. Watch this video to find out more.   #
  • Welcome Croatia! Join Blink as he heads down to the Adriatic to check out the latest country to join the European Union.  Found out more. #
  • The EU wants cars to pollute less and the manufacturers are investing in making that happen - but how far can we trust their figures for CO2 emissions? Se the full reportage. #
  • We all love holidays, especially the long ones! But getting there and back can be a nightmare. Blink finds out what we can do when it all goes pear shaped.Watch the video. #
  • Find out more about one of the most powerful posts in the EU. How is the President of the European Commission chosen and to whom is he accountable? Full reportage here. #
  • As part of the European Year of Citizens series, EuroparlTV takes a look at the free circulation of workers within Europe. Follow the full reportage here. #
  • Online citizens' wall comes alive at Gare du Midi. Passengers on the EP Thalys were the first to witness the making of the citizen's wall composed of people's portraits at Gare du Midi this week. #
  • EPTV tours Sweden to see how it's cooking up plans to become 'the new culinary nation' and meets MEP Corazza Bildt who has made good food one of her top priorities. Watch all reportage. #
  • On 15 April in Midi Station, a live event will take place, featuring portraits of participants in the European Year of Citzens competition.The European Parliament has launched a campaign for the European year of citizens. It is about to receive a live dimension: on April 15th, a real-life Citizens Wall will be set up in Brussels Midi Station. Just like the online app on Facebook, th animated, life-size wall will feature all of the participants’ photos, each in the colour of their favourite value. You have an opportunity to stop by before you take your charter train to Strasbourg, to show your support and share your thoughts on our European values. Don't miss it!     #
  • Here’s a checklist of everything your business needs to do to get on (or back on) Twitter and start seeing great results. Read the entire article. #

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Welcome to Writing for (y)EU. This is the collective blog of the Web-team of the European Parliament. This is NOT an official European Parliament website. Which means that whatever is expressed in those pages, it DOES NOT reflect in any way the position of the European Parliament. You may want to read more who we are, why we do this and what is our comments policy. Please read the “About” page.

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