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Yes, we got lucky @ the Grammys

Did you know that a European band was the biggest shop in town at the Grammys this year? Not only was Daft Punk the best pop duo/group performance of the year, but they also took home prizes for the best song (Get Lucky) and the best album (Random Access Memories). The fourth Grammy came from […]

Hey dude, where’s my k?

You might have heard a thing or two about the Finnish language already. Fear not, there is more to follow. This time, I am going shed a bit of light to us doing letters double. The more the merrier, we think when it comes to consonants and vowels. The foreigners who are trying to master the […]

How to be the “it animal” on social media

Knut, the white little ball of fur, was born in captivity at the Berlin Zoological Garden on 5 December 2006. His mother was not too keen to raise him, so he was nurtured and taught how to be a polar bear by the zookeepers. Back then, social media was still in its infancy. Had it […]

Letters from home

                                                                                                                                             Brussels, 26 April 2013 Dear reader,      How are you? I hope you have been well. I am writing to you as I have a thing on my mind I have been waiting to put on paper… I have been here for a while now and my Mom no longer feels an urgent need […]

Saved by Twitter: How 140 characters can help a stranded flyer

Picture this: 27 hours of flying ahead – starting from Sydney via Singapore and Helsinki back to homey Brussels. You embark a plane in the afternoon and start the journey back after two exciting weeks filled with huggable koalas, scorching sun and wide open gumtree forests in down under. First leg – 8 hours, so […]

A month in photos

If you were to take a photo each day of the month on a predefined topic you would probably say easy peasy and go ahead with the project. That is exactly what I thought as well when my friend, a lifestyle blogger, asked me to join a photo a day photography challenge made popular by […]

Gimme, gimme, gimme a short way to say it in Finnish

Unofficially the lenghtiest word of Finnish, the mother tongue of me and five million fellow Finno-ugris, is "epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkään" which basically means that it cannot be done even with the greatest disorder. Makes no sense right? I admit it is not really a proper word but rather made up by linquists gone wild on their day […]

My first few weeks as a WebComm official

After quite a few years of doing different EU-related jobs and passing the dreaded-by-many competition I found myself in WebComm in the very beginning of January. The first week had a still and eerie feeling to it as Brussels was almost empty and many were still on their Christmas holidays. My first day started with […]

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