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When updates intrude

Automatic updates – orchestrating changes just when you have turned your back.

A few decades ago there was a thing called MSN Messenger that had emoticons for people who wanted to manage their long-distance relationships. Messenger has evolved into eternity but the dire memories of updates remain. Approximately once a year your contact groups got a reset from the system and for restoring the order you had to find the basic settings buried under new features. We even had an advertisement for that: new messenger – bigger mess than before.

A good friend of mine used to work for the IT-support. This is a place where "have you tried turning it off and on again" helps to resolve plenty of problems or where people complain that they don't have internet access without realising that you first need a subscription. Besides hilarious stories I got a word of advice: better turn off automatic updates for Windows as they interfere with your previous installations and programs might just simply stop running. But in order to avoid annoying pop-ups that highly recommend an update I always turned the function off anyway.

And I don't want to talk about the release no8.

Antivirus? I have to admit I have one free edition on my laptop today just to keep people around me happy. But isn't it that if you don't have antivirus you don't get a virus? This is another remarkable advice I got from a friend whose dad built in the 80s videogames that ran on the audio cassettes. Good enough reference for me. So for years I didn't have any antivirus protection and no trojans as well. And if I did have any they never disturbed my daily existence.recommended


Now there's Facebook with constant visual updates, upgraded features and new terms. New terms for advertising me things that I want because they know that I do want it? But I find those terms too boring to read even if something in me tells that I should. And then there are so many features that results in so many settings that results in another two hours of getting it right.

It is the constant need for growth that makes an even newer version eating up the previous one. I understand that developers want to eat, stock exchanges surge and beta versions grow. And there's technological development as such. But an update should not be something that is a complicated laughingstock or even worse, something that is just there for the lust of profit. I mean, this goes for both, either we talk about software or hardware.


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