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Heat wave rolling, colony growing

After a cold spring July brought to Brussels a deserved heat wave. Third week in a row it goes daily over 27 degrees, peaking now and then 35. It's so hot at nights that one keeps waking up. Late at night, only trunks and an old t-shirt on, sitting behind the keyboard, writing this post, sweat marks expanding my desk.

Reminds me one summer from the beginning of 2000s in Tartu. Most of the students had already left, alone in town, heat wave, some late exams, studying at night, a process of mediation, sweating.

And now in Brussels – early morning language classes, office afterwards, daily naps, studying at night, quiet corridors, temperature rises. Concentrating for the last time before summer break, routine, closing into my little world, no outer factors.

Besides that one big factor called heat wave which also makes the little creatures of nature multiply. I mean mosquitos, spiders and vinegar flies, amicable colonoy at my house where spiders are too dizzy for a catch.

What do I do with a dizzy spider? Nothing, I leave them be. But buzzing mosquitos disturb my sleep in anyway hot and restless conditions. I suspect them origin from the big trees in my backyard. So I lit the light three in the morning and start chasing them down – strikes with a towel, bloody marks on the walls.

And then the constantly growing colony of fruit flies, being still too small for sucking into a hoover. So I transform into a big dizzy cat and I get rid of them with my supple paw blows.

*written in late July


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