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The thrill of putting together a playlist is universal

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to help putting together one of the Webcomm's Spotify- and Youtubelists. This time we wanted to do a list to celebrate European Youth Week. What songs would best theme it?

Already with some titles swirling around in my head, I put together some suggestions for the list. "I don't wanna grow up" with Tom Waits for sure, and something newer, like "We are young". And wait, ..yes, Undertones gotta be in..

Photo: Hanul

Photo: Hanul

I was filled with a happy, proud and confident spirit, much like Rob, the Nick Hornby character in the novel High Fidelity when he had prepared a new list. I sent my list of suggestions. Finally I was going to put my mark..

When I was younger, we used to put together mixtapes. We often added lengthy explanations to each song, the title, the performer, possibly who wrote the song and sometimes why it had been added. We had that curiosity to find information, and to try and convey it to friends. All shared through the full scribbled inner sleeve of a 60-minute tape.

After less than five minutes, I got a response. ‘Sorry, they are already in the list..’. Hmm, they sent me a list. All the songs I could think of were already there.

And it struck me, we’re quite similar, despite being from different countries. We have all done our ‘mixtapes’, whether it’s music or something else. We share the same urge, to find out what is going on, curiosity, to learn more, and to tell a story about it. Sure, we do add songs that we listened to back home, that might not have been that popular anywhere else, but still…

That wish, to find out more, to put together the best compilation, to make it coherent, understandable, but most importantly: compelling, interesting and exciting. That is what we have in common in Webbcomm, that is universal..

This was my first post, and to celebrate that, here is a playlist about writing blogs..








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