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The Creation (of a new paradigm for EP communication)

In the beginning was a word, and this word was from our Secretary General, and this word was the Secretary General. And the word was: "let there be light on the political side of the Parliament".

And we started working, all together, hand in hand, technicians and creative minds, coordinators and specialists, civil servants and private companies. And we said to each other, "Come, let's build a tool that everybody will remember, with an target group that reaches to the citizens and stakeholders, so that we make a name for the Parliament; otherwise the whole political information will be scattered over the face of the whole EU".

Then we said, "Come, let’s make APIs, use feeders and webservers, and integrate them thoroughly."

And we built Solr indexes, Liferay databases, Java libraries, connected them to RSS feeds and CODICT via Java 1.6. And the Secretary General saw that it was good.

And the Secretary General blessed the project, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the gap between the EU and the citizens.

And the evening and the morning were the ninth month.

By the twelfth month we will have finished the work we are doing; so on the twelfth month we will rest from all this work. And you'll be able to enjoy the new tool the Parliament will have created…

Yes, this is a teaser for one of our new communication projects, the most interesting one in my opinion… Release foreseen for the beginning of June – we'll keep you updated on this blog and all our communication channels.


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