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My contacts in Europe – effective thanks to EVS

I had visitors in Brussels during one weekend, from Denmark, Germany and Netherlands. Three good friends who I met four years ago when doing my European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Romania. There is maybe nothing too much special to have friends over but there is something special to have the feeling that it is very […]

Closer than we might think

  I have always been passionate about the EU, but somehow it has always managed to keep its distance from me. I have tried to move closer to it for a long time and now I finally came to this place they call the heart of the EU, Brussels, but it feels like there is […]

Integration best way to make online gambling safer

The European market for online gambling has increased enormously over the past decade and today 10 % of all gambling takes place over the internet, via mobile phones or interactive platforms. There are almost 15.000 gambling websites in Europe and the annual market volume is in excess of 10 billion euro.   I have never […]

Buzzing off: the EU and the honey bee

For many the death of honey bees seems like an unimportant matter. I'll readily admit that to me the death of bees ranked somewhere between the death of a dialect in Tanganyika and the death of one of my blobs of ice-cream that fell on the hot concrete in August of 1989. I thought 'they're […]

Can it get more personal?

We are editors, we write daily news for the European Parliament. We come across all types of news and activities going on in the EP, which we pass them on to the real people, in an as comprehensible way as possible. This is our main objective of our work. Then we have the blog here, […]

It’s all about Feng Shui

Every week for this blog, Nadina ventures in one of our team’s office, just to see how our editors have set up their working space. Today, she knocks at Pavel’s door, our Czech editor. Well: “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy”.

European Parliament “Question time” – can it deliver?

Many people are hoping that question time at 3 pm this afternoon will deliver a lively and memorable debate when Members bowl questions at Commission President José Manuel Barroso. To move things along and prevent waffle they are limited to 1 minute – for the question and response. Questions on any subject will come from […]

A Cornish tale to savour

I  have become a fan of 24 year old Sarah from Cornwall. The other day someone at work sent me the link to her video “UK & EU Date” which I really liked. Basically it starts with her looking through the personal ads of a newspaper where she eventually stumbles across a “strong, protective, multi-cultural entrepreneur who loves […]

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