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Castro’s Cuba: ex-prisoners tell their story

My eyes were covered up for days, my prison cell was full of cockroaches, rats and pestulants, and there was a lack of drinking water. They tortured me, mistreated my wife and limited family visits. Some people perished as a result of lack of medical help” – that’s what one of the four Cuban political […]

How to make a simple office so… my own mine?

Once I spotted this office, I decided altogether that I should check it out a bit more and find out what it is that makes it constantly crowded with loud people dropping by for a laugh. Is it the slightly decorated walls, with the clumsy painted Europe map, all the Cuba memories on the walls […]

We need more walls!

It took me long to figure out which wall to pick up on this time, and that is because I had problems deciding over the ones left behind so far. I guess I made the right decision, however, to blow in our photographer’s office. End of the corridor, very well hidden and almost all the […]

Fancy going to Kansas?

Everyone wants to look inside to see how it is. We call it transparency. Well, here’s your chance: Nadina goes on her offices’ crawl and introduce you to Eirini’s, our Greek editor.

It’s all about Feng Shui

Every week for this blog, Nadina ventures in one of our team’s office, just to see how our editors have set up their working space. Today, she knocks at Pavel’s door, our Czech editor. Well: “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy”.

May I? Hmm … This is Evita!

“Let’s try something new for the blog”, I was nicely egged on few days ago, something new which could give a bit of taste of the unit itself, leaving aside for a short while the daily news we are usually writing. And what would be better to start from than the actual wall I have […]

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