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The true twitter revolution

“the web can be killed, it has now been proven, yet the revolution seems to be continuing regardless…”

Two days in Strasbourg for the award of the Sakharov Prize

End of last year, three fans of the European Parliament on Facebook came to Strasbourg to attend the award of the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought. They were chosen by draw among almost 2.000 people who registered to an event on Facebook. Iurii, 22-years old, Ukrainian, and Elodie, 24, French, tell us about their 2-days experience in the European Parliament.

New Year, new resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, to be honest, at least in my private life. But it could be a good idea to take some resolutions at work, and maybe even better to make them public. Let’s see if you, our readers, will remind them to me in a few months…

Some enchanted evening…

“Like an owl in the dark, the boy has been calling the name of his loved one every few minutes”
A true story, we’re told. Let it not be said you don’t find all of life on this blog. Thanks to Kostas for having the temerity to propose this.

Lunch with the nicest ex-drop out ever …

Thursday at   EESC ‘s “literature lunch” young English author Helen Walsh was reading from her novel “Once Upon A Time in England“. We were transferred from a sunny Brussels rooftop terrace to a cold night in a tough Warrington housing estate. She started reading and it suddenly felt colder. The tale sent shivers down the spine. You knew something bad […]

The hysteria has begun

Here we go again…World Cup in Football. The next 4 – 5 weeks millions and millions of people will spend endless hours singing, drinking and shouting while watching grown up men chasing small leather balls in South Africa. It’s the 19th edition of the World Cup and the first ever to be held on the […]


That is how I have been feeling after participating in a competition to become EU official. I tried to prepare it seriously, and then you arrive to the test centre and you can’t avoid wondering if it really made a difference. The European Personnel Selection Office, EPSO, prepares the 3 types of tests the same […]

The Office or… Transformational Digital Engagement.

A day in London today for a digital communications workshop at the UK Central Office of Information (COI). The event brought together public sector (mainly governmental) communicators from across the EU and a smattering of hipsters from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the like. Organised with firm-handed devotion to timing, the workshop was intensive, leaving a […]

So this is what its like after all

So this is what it’s like? After more than a decade and a half as a journalist, I am now a source. One of the… yes, one of the “faceless bureaucrats”.

The day we wanted to go to the 12th floor

This day we thought we were going for a regular lunch at the EP, instead we were taken on a rather Kafkaesque behind-the-scenes tour.

California Dreamin’

If you work in something called the Web Communications unit, chances are you’ll happen upon one or two co-workers who like gadgets. Well, yes…

Meeting Mr Rasmussen

It is quite a heady experience to sit in the office of the head of the world’s largest military alliance and ask him questions about global geo-politics. Geographically, at least, our questions ranged from Brussels to Moscow via Washington and Kabul.

The day the system broke down

This week started with a huge system failure. The first thing we noticed was that “Outlook” was not responding anymore. It left – for half a day as we discovered later – with no mention of when it would come back, and we couldn’t write e-mails to each other anymore. It became a day of […]

What I really wanted to say.

What can’t be said in a meeting can be posted on a blog. That’s what blogging is all about, right? So, here comes what I couldn’t say in one of our big meeting.

P.S: I love you!

There is one phrase that comes to my mind when I think of the Open Days 2009: “We owe (it) to those who came, who passed by, who will come, who will pass by” (by Greek poet Kostis Palamas). And I have one thing to say to those who came (or not) and who passed by […]

Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh! What’s going on?

   A girl hurtles screaming down a deserted corridor.  We are told to “be prepared”. What on earth is going on? What indeed? Be prepared.  

The human faces of (some) public faces

“One must go in and fetch a diamond out” says one of Arthur Miller’s characters in “Death of a Salesman”. The same process applied to collecting 10 reasons to vote from ex-EP presidents when they gathered in Brussels last week. I met them together with other three editors and our photographer Pietro and asked them to give our readers the reasons to participate to the European elections.

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