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A voting initiative to be happy about

What is the best way to convince young people to vote in the European elections in May? Expound on the manifold responsibilities of the European Parliament? Rhapsodise on the many good things MEPs achieved over the past legislature? Or a bit of song and dance? The people behind the Happy Voting video found a clever […]

Look beyond your iPhone!

First of all, don’t be afraid, it’s not an anti-webcomm or anti-socialmedia post. Or not entirely… The day I left Budapest, I got on the metro with one or two heavy baggage. A guy was sitting on the edge of bench with a headset, holding an iPhone in his hand. He was obviously blocking the […]

Hashtag frenzy

There have been lots of posts on hashtags before. Hope you won’t mind another one, slightly grumpy. After coming to WebComm, like probably everyone else, I joined quite a few social networks that I wasn’t familiar with. Being quite sceptical about Instagram, I didn’t touch it for a while, till the time has come. Never been […]

Sponsored tweets: the customer strikes back

Social media has now for a long time been a tool for interaction between companies and customers but their communication has become more and more asymmetrical, due to their relationships and reach (paid social media advertisement). New trend alert Until now, for example, sponsored tweets were used mostly by advertisers, but this week, an angry […]

Miley vs Syria: how far should websites go to attract more traffic?

It was a refreshing breath of honesty. Meredith Artley, managing editor of CNN.com, explained in a blog why they had made Miley Cyrus’s racy performance at the VMAs the website’s top story. It was not, she said, because Miley’s suggestive dancing was the most important story in the world that day, but rather because they […]

On the topic of One hit wonders

So I've made an appearance on the blog – mere days before I leave the country and return to the homeland. The first thing that hit me when that post was published was: is this it? Is this my one and only contribution to this blog? My very own one hit wonder? Nah. You won't […]

How to be the “it animal” on social media

Knut, the white little ball of fur, was born in captivity at the Berlin Zoological Garden on 5 December 2006. His mother was not too keen to raise him, so he was nurtured and taught how to be a polar bear by the zookeepers. Back then, social media was still in its infancy. Had it […]

Do you speak #hashtagish?

How was I able to survive without #hashtags? That is the question crossing my mind after four months of #traineeship in the Web-Communication of the European Parliament. In Twitter they are a „must use“, in Facebook they are on their way of becoming the #trending #topic. Our aim every day in #Webcomm: put #EuropeanPolitics into […]

The thrill of putting together a playlist is universal

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to help putting together one of the Webcomm's Spotify- and Youtubelists. This time we wanted to do a list to celebrate European Youth Week. What songs would best theme it? Already with some titles swirling around in my head, I put together some suggestions for the list. […]

Twitter overflow: How to find the stuff that matters to you – and be found by others

Here is a surefire way of losing your sanity: set up a Twitter account follow the 251 journalists, politicians and NGOs that really matter to you try to keep up with what is happening. It will drive you crazy. The average Twitter users send 2-3 tweets a day, but professionals easily clock in with some […]

Making a hash of hashtags

There were more than a few distraught Cher fans on Twitter last Monday. Stumbling across the hashtag #nowthatchersdead, they assumed it referred to the popular singer of If I Could Turn Back Time instead of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher who died that day following a stroke. It's not the first time either that […]

Put your brain on a healthy diet

In our 21st century, thinness is seen as the ultimate virtue. Every cover of magazines, posters at bus stops, adverts praise for slimness. Thousands of articles describe the latest miracle diet to get rid of unwanted kilos. It also applies to many other things: get rid of unwanted items in your house, toxic people in […]

I met a social media country manager

To be honest for now we only spoke via Facebook and on the phone. She's a social media country manager in Tallinn both for European Commission Representation and for European Parliament Information Office. It's a pilot project called Share Europe Online. When part of my job is writing news stories for EP's webpage and tweet […]

“You might want to learn how to tail better if you plan on making a habit of it”

Somewhere in this vast virtual space exists a blog post written by past Caroline, beginning trainee. Here we are, over a year later, and somehow… I'm staying! "Is this your first job-job?" – "Yes." (pauses) "Yes-yes." And what did I learn so far? What I learned from Engagor Statistics are your new best friend. But […]

Twitter, the new zombieland?

In December 2012, twitter reached 200 million active users (vs. 100 million in September 2011). These numbers show how twitter is becoming more and more relevant as a social media tool. But it's also important to keep in mind another figure: the total number of accounts. In 2012, Semiocast estimated that there were 517 million […]

Saved by Twitter: How 140 characters can help a stranded flyer

Picture this: 27 hours of flying ahead – starting from Sydney via Singapore and Helsinki back to homey Brussels. You embark a plane in the afternoon and start the journey back after two exciting weeks filled with huggable koalas, scorching sun and wide open gumtree forests in down under. First leg – 8 hours, so […]

Bye bye Webcom – for a while

After 3,5 years, 1,417 stories written on La Une, 4,200 tweets, about 1,000 Facebook posts , 23 blogs and one Newshub, time has come for me to move on and see what beyond the wonderful, challenging and sexy world of Webcom. Am I going far away? No, not really. But still, it does feel strange to leave, even for a temporary replacement…

And the winner is: #Hermandeschermman

There were quite some surprises during the Dutch election night on September 12 – either positively or negatively – and yes, five parties can claim to have won some or a lot of seats. However, the social media winner, soon renamed the swiping king, was the journalist Herman van der Zandt who announced the results for each community using a huge touch […]

How I became Giulio’s hero

“Florent is my hero”. This exclamation, published on 2 July by my colleague Giulio on Facebook, went straight to my heart. What a professional and personal achievement for me… You’re jealous? I understand. But I’m not selfish, so here is how I became Giulio’s hero. May it inspire you!

The true story of mister #

In radiography it's the symbol for a fracture. In linguistic it means that a sentence is semantically wrong. In chess note is the symbol for checkmate, and in cartography is the symbol for village. The hash we always use on Twitter has a long story. This week the Italian Twitter account of the EP – @europarl_it – […]

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