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Thumbs up for Brussels architecture

                                    First Brussels' narrow and curvy streets started to fascinate me, orientation is there easily lost. Art Nouveu residental houses and modern looking Art Deco buildings catching my eye. End of the 19th century, first half of the […]

“Buona sera”

The first words of His Holiness Pope Francis I. It is about a week later and today His Presidentialness has met Pope Francis, which makes for a fine Photo of the week, indeed. Caught in full exchange of tips on how to reach unity in diversity, perhaps? Perhaps. President of the European Parliament (L), Francis […]

The Turkle Triangulation

  What do you see?                                                                                                   Eurocrats? […]

10 things I’ve learnt while hunting “Who” Grant

How to accomplish mission impossible? First of all, is there such a thing?  I believe that impossible is nothing, though you might need whole bunch of necessary skills and willingness to use any means available to get things done. One evening my fellow stagiaire asked me whether I would like to accompany her at hunting down […]

Photo of the week: “My bell. My Empire for a bell..”

Last month in the EP there was a big change.. A new President of the Parliament was elected.. Jerzy left the trone to Martin! This month in the EP Chamber there was also a small but noisy change.. the bell replaces traditional gavel! From February plenary session onwards the start and conclusion of a speech, […]

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