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Let’s meet in the park!

Parklife: Elisa, our Italian trainee, discovers the joys of Brussels’ parks.

A speaker, a video, a strategy

Like most of the EU Communicating Brussels Bubble, I watched the excellent speech given by Simon Anholt.  I wasn’t at the EuropComm 2011 opening session, I only showed up at the workshops where I started to hear about how this speech was great, witty and inspiring. The following weekend saw the video being shared on my teammates’ facebook […]

It’s not (only) a Mafia Game

Last week we wrote several articles on volunteering on the occasion of the II Youth Convention on Volunteering. A recurrent assumption on voulunteering is that you “help the others”. Allow me to disagree: for me volunteering is, first of all, helping yourself. And – at best – some trees.

Going Dutch in Brussels

People always think that I’m a nutter or at least come from Mars when I admit that when I moved to Brussels for work three years ago I spoke Dutch  but didn’t know a single word in French. (No, I am not Dutch.) OK, it can happen that you move to Brussels and don’t speak […]

Try the Forgettometer

This is not a discussion on the merits of working for WebCom but an attempt to develop a scientific method of gauging the success of one’s holidays.

Is there life after a stage?

Where are they now? Do you ever wonder about all those bright young things who pass through Brussels as “stagiaires”? Seven ex-trainees tell us how it was for them.

Travel blogging with an iPad

I’ve always considered the iPad as a beautiful, wonderful, joyful tool for consulting digital content rather than for producing any. Nevertheless, the range of proposed applications dedicated to writing, editing photography, publishing on various blogs platforms never ceases to impress me. I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, the EP doesn’t always support my […]

Case Study: Can Institutions Be Cool? (Part V)

This is the last post of the summer case study on the possibility for institutions to become cool. Before we jump to the conclusions, let’s review what we learnt.

Case Study: Can Institutions Be Cool? (Part IV)

The question in the title has been answered in three previous posts. We’ve seen that some institutions are ontologically cool, such as Unesco, some others benefit largely of their previous and/or current leaders’ cool factor, like the White House, while a third kind can succeed in becoming cool with the support of good communication. It doesn’t […]

Case Study: Can Institutions Be Cool? (Part III)

Not all institutions are established to save baby seals. Not all of them can benefit from the coolness factor of a leader such as President Obama. Some have to spend a great deal on the communication field to improve their branding and spice it up with some cool factor.

Case Study: Can Institutions Be Cool? (Part II)

In the first post dedicated to this case study, we already answered the question: yes, public and/or international institutions can be cool. Our attention will now focus on understanding how. In the case of the luckiest (or smartest since one can decide to create an institution, after all), the cool factor is ontological, which means it belongs […]

Case Study: Can Institutions Be Cool? (Part I)

You won’t find this in any of our official job descriptions, nor in our Unit’s mission statement, but we generally consider that, a°) we’re cool and b°) part of our job is to make the EP cool as well. There are many reasons why this is not written anywhere, one of them being the idea […]

End of an editorial season.

Since we launched the current version of the European Parliament website, circa September 2005, I refer to each year as editorial seasons starting in September and ending in June. Maybe this comes from my frustration of not working in TV production, where you do consider editorial seasons for your grid of programs. Or perhaps it’s […]

Farewell or time for new adventures

It’s 15h21 of Wednesday, the 29th June and the usher has come to take off my name from the office door. Parliament’s efficiency is sometimes surprising: my last day in the Parliament is only tomorrow. Anete whom I have been replacing during her baby time will be back on Friday. It’s officially an end of an […]

Two decades and lovin’ it…

I’m not big on anniversaries, but something about today’s date prompted me to notice an interesting fact. Interesting for me, that is. Today is the last day of my first twenty years in the employ of the European Parliament.


A good looking couple from Azerbaijan won

A new kid in town – Parliament in action

On 11 May, Touteleurope.eu opened its new website fully dedicated to the European Parliament, “Parliament in action”. I was at the pre-launch, a week ago in Paris, and while I am happy semi-external entities produce online content on the European Parliament, I couldn’t help leaving the event with mixed feelings.   Let’s see the positive […]

And…if we did it in Strasbourg?

The political arguments about the dual location of the European Parliament rumble on, but meanwhile, one of our number seems to have made a discovery, fallen in love and found her personal solution.

The loop of infinite perfection

Ok I will come clean on this. I’m a moderate Mac fan, and have been for a very long time now. I sometimes can’t help lusting after the stuff the boys from Cupertino come up with but, for some reason, sometimes it all leaves me a little cold. In good old days of the Mac […]

Letting creativity in

To witness real creativity is surely also to stop and wonder about oneself and one’s own world, about the place of artistic creation in a life spent in offices, working for institutions, which, however important and genuinely ideal-founded, live a daily routine of office politics, meetings, hierarchies, procedures and rules.

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