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Look beyond your iPhone!

First of all, don’t be afraid, it’s not an anti-webcomm or anti-socialmedia post. Or not entirely… The day I left Budapest, I got on the metro with one or two heavy baggage. A guy was sitting on the edge of bench with a headset, holding an iPhone in his hand. He was obviously blocking the […]

Hashtag frenzy

There have been lots of posts on hashtags before. Hope you won’t mind another one, slightly grumpy. After coming to WebComm, like probably everyone else, I joined quite a few social networks that I wasn’t familiar with. Being quite sceptical about Instagram, I didn’t touch it for a while, till the time has come. Never been […]

Communicating an Olympic Spain without defeatism

Unsatisfactory allocation of talent and human resources into politics and communication is one among many other problems Spain is suffering from. And sorting it out would indeed help to overcome this crisis. This has been showed once again as the Major of Madrid performed a very poor and broadly criticised presentation of the Capital of […]

Dear Y(ou)

You are born between July 1991 and May 1996. You are 17 to 22 years old. Perhaps you are working already, but most likely will still be studying, doing a traineeship or… you are unemployed.  Well, more about that later. Soon, you will have a new right.. In 2014 you will be able to vote […]

Heat wave rolling, colony growing

After a cold spring July brought to Brussels a deserved heat wave. Third week in a row it goes daily over 27 degrees, peaking now and then 35. It's so hot at nights that one keeps waking up. Late at night, only trunks and an old t-shirt on, sitting behind the keyboard, writing this post, […]

End of an editorial season (again)

The last time I wrote a similar post was in July 2011. Somehow, I missed the momentum last year, and yet here it comes again: the end of our eighth editorial season. Because we launched the first new version of the European Parliament website in September 2005, my mental calendar is the similar of a […]

Happiness 2.0

Work. This place where we spend more or less 40 hours a week during 40 years. Which makes in total approximately… well, many, many hours. Our parents and grand-parents used to stick to the same job for their whole career. We don’t. We explore, like migratory birds do, we try, we compare, sometimes stay for […]

Thumbs up for Brussels architecture

                                    First Brussels' narrow and curvy streets started to fascinate me, orientation is there easily lost. Art Nouveu residental houses and modern looking Art Deco buildings catching my eye. End of the 19th century, first half of the […]

Letters from home

                                                                                                                                             Brussels, 26 April 2013 Dear reader,      How are you? I hope you have been well. I am writing to you as I have a thing on my mind I have been waiting to put on paper… I have been here for a while now and my Mom no longer feels an urgent need […]

Brace yourselves, winter is coming (back)!

This is our first meeting, so let's do it British-style and talk about the weather. When I packed myself the first time I went to Brussels (old good Erasmus times) all friends were jealous of a short and relatively mild winter. I was happy about it too. But then, the reality struck me. Being from […]

“You might want to learn how to tail better if you plan on making a habit of it”

Somewhere in this vast virtual space exists a blog post written by past Caroline, beginning trainee. Here we are, over a year later, and somehow… I'm staying! "Is this your first job-job?" – "Yes." (pauses) "Yes-yes." And what did I learn so far? What I learned from Engagor Statistics are your new best friend. But […]

Being an Organization – Online #03 – Opportunities and Threats

  Strengths and weaknesses belong to your organisation – there is something you can do about it (most of the time). The second part of the SWOT analysis aims at identifying external opportunities and threats. They happen to exist outside your organisation and are essential to consider in order to reach your objectives. Because you've […]

Do you have an MEP?

When I was a student, I went to the European Parliament on a study trip. On site, I met a British student who asked me if I already had visited my MEP. MY MEP? I did not have an MEP, as far as I knew, and was immediately jealous of this British student who apparently […]

10 suggestions for your twitter account from the last Israeli – Palestinian conflict

The recent outbreak of conflict in and around the Gaza Strip has again illustrated the importance of social media in the battle for hearts and minds and in the wider communication actiities of the parties to the conflict. In this case, the use of Twitter by the Israeli Defence Force has attracted much attention.   So what […]

Erasm us!

"Erasmus and investment in worst-hit countries at risk, warns Lamassoure" (European Parliament)  "Erasmus est-il menacé par les restrictions budgetaires?" (Le Monde) These are only a few examples of the articles that were being passed around between my friends on Facebook a few weeks ago. Captions usually read "Nooooo!" or ":-((((((".  This is not the part […]

The Last Post?

A wise older friend, now something terribly important in the EU, once observed to me: “All of us had at some point to give up the job we loved to move on.” True, I suppose, you have to move on, don’t you? But it doesn’t make it much easier for me to leave WebCom.

My contacts in Europe – effective thanks to EVS

I had visitors in Brussels during one weekend, from Denmark, Germany and Netherlands. Three good friends who I met four years ago when doing my European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Romania. There is maybe nothing too much special to have friends over but there is something special to have the feeling that it is very […]

The War of the Bubbles, or: 1999 Was a Bad Year

I never got her name but I will always think of her as 1999. 1999, the year I went to journalism school and the faculty told us students not to buy a computer, but to invest that money in a driver's license instead. The 15 computers the university had bought and kitted with this new […]

Discovering Europe through Erasmus

France might be one of the better places for meeting the French, but it also works a treat for making friends from outside the Hexagone. When I left Paris in 1999 after studying there for a year, I did so with an address book spanning the breadth of the European continent. It didn't involve me […]

Is it uncool to say I love my job? WebCom in 2011

What is it that really matters to most people about their jobs, once they have one that can keep body and soul together in a satisfactory manner, that is? I suppose it’s about two things: (i) whether you actually believe you are achieving something, and (ii) who you work with. Simple really.

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