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10 things (and more) we learned doing this traineeship

Indre and Lelde worked with us for the last six months. In the form of a fine-tuned parody of our beloved synopses, they sent us a last message today to tell us what they really learnt during their traineeship. We decided to share, because this is just how we are.

Hearing Silence?

Discussing Hearings online: a way to break the Silence? Discussing face to face? The idea was to write a blog about the “backstage” of the hearings: what are visitors’ impressions about this event, what they think about organization…So I took a Dictaphone and went to Parliament’s JAN building to ask visitors to share their impressions. […]

2009 in one picture

Fred is our talented designer and a welcome Guest blogger. Before leaving the office, he sent us his own personal view of 2009. We couldn’t resist publishing it. So: this what 2009 looked like in the eyes of our beloved designer.

« Traviata » on the web: democratization of « high culture »?

There are two hours left before going out. Enough to be prepared to go to the opera. The magical atmosphere begins well before the first chords of the orchestra. Buying tickets one month before the performance, preparation, people well dressed, building itself, scenography and so on make opera a special moment. And if this lyrical […]

Stand up for stand-up meeting

Every Friday we have an editorial meeting. That is usually at 11:30 in the morning. The meeting is about to gather the unit and talk about next week schedule for la une. The 2-3 last Fridays have been really great because almost everyone has attended the meeting. People are everywhere, some are sitting on the […]

The “new” old generation

Bare facts are always the best way to prove you are right. And the fact is that – since I have my internet connection – I am off the list of daily newspaper subscribers. To be precise – no subscription papers or magazines arrive in my mailbox. But I am still a subscriber of the same […]

Different meanings for different media

The different supports – press, radio, TV, internet have different uses and meanings according to different temporal and spatial contexts. Is it the same effect when we read an article in a newspaper, when we hear a radio programme about it, when we watch a television programme or we read a blog in the internet? We can […]

“Casus Belli”

We asked our three trainees (Lady, Lelde and Indre) to tell us a bit about their relationship with the medias. After all, they belong to the e-generation and could maybe teach us a thing or two about contemporary media. Well, guess what? Lady choose to talk about her family instead…

All bags off!

I am Latvian. Latvians love to call themselves great singers. It is true, but unfortunately I am a bad singer. We have beautiful nature, it is also true. We have great minds and we are the best ice hockey fans, there is no doubt. I’ve heard Estonians say – if it is raining, then God […]

Don’t forget you are a tourist!

New season, new trainees. Meet Indre, from Lithuania, and her consideration about the fleeting beauty of being a tourist.

We are all history-makers

I was thankful when someone once told me that “when you surround yourself with people who never want to advance in life, you will be exactly like them”. “You have to surround yourself with people who have a plan in life, in other words with people who are “a life”, because when one has no […]

New technologies: Keeping up without being killed in the attempt

Today is a big day in the life of the ep-webeditors blog. Nay, a rite of passage, a coming of age, an arrival in the sunlit uplands of Parliament bloggerdom. Today, our big boss, Jaume, Director and EP official spokesman, no less, appears for the first time on this blog. What’s more, he wants to talk about us!

Being a black girl in a white world

There is a new lady in town – eg our beautiful team. The lady’s name is… Lady – an easy pun but it’s true. Meet our new trainee in this very touching first post.

Voting from exotic spots!

Finnish citizen Joanna Chellapermal was basking in the sun along Bali beaches, not even intending to use her right to vote in the EU elections. When suddenly….here she is in Jakarta using precisely that ONE…. She writes: I had not intended to vote in the EP elections originally. Had I been in Europe it would have […]

Guest blogger: British media and the Misses

Since the Web Team opened this blog, our colleagues have looked on, intrigued by an exercise which reveals EP officials as real people rather than the euro-automata of popular myth. And sure enough, some want in. So, although this is, and will remain, the collective blog of the web team, we will be delighted to welcome the occasional guest blogger with something to say. Today no less a figure than the deputy spokesperson of the EP, who has had it up to HERE with some coverage of Parliament.

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