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Reality doesnt hurt…

Where labyrinths of bureaucracy exist and en face there is a high hierarchy ladder, hardly anyone could think of launching a citizen friendly project in a thin timeline. The ideas to expand our circle beyond the political boundaries and meet interesting EU bloggers (or journalists), who's printed or online posts catch an eye by its […]

10 things I’ve learnt while hunting “Who” Grant

How to accomplish mission impossible? First of all, is there such a thing?  I believe that impossible is nothing, though you might need whole bunch of necessary skills and willingness to use any means available to get things done. One evening my fellow stagiaire asked me whether I would like to accompany her at hunting down […]

EURO2012: Your new favourite team, to be printed and possibly framed

With the group phase behind us and quarter finals that just started, things are definitely heating up in this European championship of great importance. Since EP President Martin Schulz has picked his dream team of players, ”The President’s XI” , I, a firm believer of reasonable alternatives, would like to take this opportunity to present mine. Brief statement: […]

Does Europe need another “Green Wave”?

  Does Europe need another “Green Wave”? It was the 56th day of my traineeship (yes, I have just calculated that number) – the first one after Petra had left. After I had managed to break a shower in the morning I got the feeling it was going to be one of those days when everything […]

Poles move their imagination before EURO 2012

How to profit of the huge sport event to improve the country's image? As Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine is coming soon, all the host communication experts are doing their best to promote their countries. The challenge is not only to push forward tourism but also eradicate the negative stereotypes about these countries. In […]

Youth unemployment and forced emigration

Unemployment is one of the major challenges in Europe today. In this context, in most of the Member States of the European Union, youth are more vulnerable to one of the serious consequences of the economic crisis, unemployment. In most cases, and in countries with high unemployment rates, like Spain, with 50.5% youth unemployment[1], emigration […]

The passivity of a Facebook activist

No longer daydreamers The cold wind coming in from Lake Michigan was the only thing that reminded me about how long I had actually stood there, on that very same spot. There was a Starbucks with comfy seats and hot drinks just around the corner but no caramel macchiato in the world was worth the […]

Killing Smartness… with Smartphones: the disenchantment of memory?

Do you remember the way you used to look at your grandfather? An old man with some leftover white hair, carefully combed to one side in order to disguise the bald spots on his head. Perhaps he would sit in his armchair, smoking an old pipe, blowing grey smoke into the air. Didn't he convey […]

Is the EU cool enough? No. But the Web Comm is!!

Couple of weeks ago- two or three- I became a part of the Web Communication Unit of the European Parliament as I started my traineeship over here. Before my arrival everybody back home was asking me that kind of questions you can't really answer:   “How come you have been selected for this traineeship? Was it […]


I start my 4th week living in Bxl. After nearly 4 years spent in Berlin, I –secretely- expected Belgian people to be like the Germans: silent, handsome and guilty serious. Well, in a sense, they are.   “-Prune. Post. Please. – …… – Do you have any idea of topic? – No clue.  Of course! […]

Closer than we might think

  I have always been passionate about the EU, but somehow it has always managed to keep its distance from me. I have tried to move closer to it for a long time and now I finally came to this place they call the heart of the EU, Brussels, but it feels like there is […]

The Buzek Phenomenon

As I watched the presidential election today, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I knew this was coming, but it is hard to realise that Jerzy Buzek won't be the President of the European Parliament anymore. You may think this is silly, but even though I don't know Jerzy Buzek personally I grew […]

Who’s afraid of social media?

Ancuta has been with us here in WebCom for a month on a study visit. She says she’s learning from us, but we all know that, not long from now, we will be learning from her… Sadly, today is her last day before returning to serious study in Denmark. It’s been great for all of us to have her around, and she leaves us, appropriately, with a blog post on social media.

Today is D-Day

Having heard about life after the end of a traineeship (last post by Andreea), here’s the story of the other end of the process: Caroline’s first day.

How far is Europe from Brussels?

Andreea was in the first 2011 contingent of WebCom trainees. All good things come to an end, so they say, and she has now returned to her native Romania. But that doesn’t mean that our all-time keenest trainee-blogger could not come back for one more post-stage post. Over to you, Andreea.

Love your geeks, love me

“Love your geeks!” So we have been told. We could not do what we do without them. We could not progress without them. It is they, not us, who come up with the ideas which take the internet forwards. But should this love for our geeks extend to letting them loose on the blog? Read on, if you dare.

Two days in Strasbourg for the award of the Sakharov Prize

End of last year, three fans of the European Parliament on Facebook came to Strasbourg to attend the award of the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought. They were chosen by draw among almost 2.000 people who registered to an event on Facebook. Iurii, 22-years old, Ukrainian, and Elodie, 24, French, tell us about their 2-days experience in the European Parliament.

How to communicate in the European Parliament? Latvian experience

In a post by one of our occasional guest bloggers, we are delighted that Lasma, who works in communications in the Latvian Parliament and who has spent a month with us on a secondment scheme, has recorded some of her thoughts about the experience. She nails us on one important issue straight away! It’s been great having you here, Lasma, all the best for your work back in Latvia.

I don’t believe in those e-things (or do I?)

Borderline heresy from our current trainee Davide from Italy. Maybe after hanging out with a bunch of hard-core internet obsessives such as us for a while, he’ll come round…

Friends and business: 5 tips How to do it easier

Overloaded by working tasks? Do not know how and especially WHEN to meet your friends, business partners or even, for the single ones, the love of your life? In this “guest blogger” piece, Ivana, one of our trainees, has a quick look at a few tips on how to meet up effectively.

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