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What does Autocomplete tell us about Europe?

I was fascinated by a recent blog post about the way Google autocompletes searches for countries in Europe. You can certainly question how accurately the suggested word depicts a nation, but it still says something of the popular myths and (mis)perceptions in the English-speaking world about it. So I decided to go a bit further and […]

Yes, we got lucky @ the Grammys

Did you know that a European band was the biggest shop in town at the Grammys this year? Not only was Daft Punk the best pop duo/group performance of the year, but they also took home prizes for the best song (Get Lucky) and the best album (Random Access Memories). The fourth Grammy came from […]

How to be the “it animal” on social media

Knut, the white little ball of fur, was born in captivity at the Berlin Zoological Garden on 5 December 2006. His mother was not too keen to raise him, so he was nurtured and taught how to be a polar bear by the zookeepers. Back then, social media was still in its infancy. Had it […]

Twitter overflow: How to find the stuff that matters to you – and be found by others

Here is a surefire way of losing your sanity: set up a Twitter account follow the 251 journalists, politicians and NGOs that really matter to you try to keep up with what is happening. It will drive you crazy. The average Twitter users send 2-3 tweets a day, but professionals easily clock in with some […]

Heads of state addressing the European Parliament since 2004

Have you ever wondered how many Heads of state addressed a formal sitting of the European Parliament? Plenary statistics show that 35 presidents, one vice–president, one king, one queen, one emir and one grand duke delivered a formal address to Members since 2004. Slovenian and Portuguese presidents addressed the Parliament in June's plenary and it […]

Small fish

It usually is tiny by any measure and I doubt it features highly in any chic restaurants yet there is something about the European sprat that keeps my thoughts occupied with it in recent weeks. Let me tell you why. It all started with an infographic. The European Parliament adopted its position on the reform […]

Do you have an MEP?

When I was a student, I went to the European Parliament on a study trip. On site, I met a British student who asked me if I already had visited my MEP. MY MEP? I did not have an MEP, as far as I knew, and was immediately jealous of this British student who apparently […]

Young, Europeans and abroad: here it is our presentation letter

Where would a Frenchman, an Italian, an English, a Danish, a Belgian, a German and a Spanish be seen together? On Erasmus. No this is not the introduction of a silly joke, they are fine examples of characters found in the opening scenes of many famous screenplays. I would recommend you watch or re-watch these […]

Visualization #3 – Tobias Sturt’s “HOW TO create an infographic”

INTERVIEW. There's a place where web design, typography, journalism and cartography meet to produce surprising stories. This place is called Data visualization. Tobias Sturt, the Design Manager at the Guardian Digital Agency, explains us what it is (and why he hates Times New Roman).   Data archives have always existed. How the web-design changed the […]

It’s drawer time

I could even fantasize but this time I will stick to work related topic. It's about being an editorial desk in one person. So, there is a rule I tend to like – leave a story you are editing or writing for a day or two in the drawer and when you come back to it […]

Where do you go on holiday?

Today, 27 September, is the  World Tourism Day (so many days for so many different things …) – and for the occasion we have a great infographic, on tourism in Europe. No big surprises. France is the most visited EU country. London, Rome, and Paris are the most popular towns to visit in Europe. What is your favourite destination?   […]

Visualization #1 – Laura Cattaneo’s “HOW TO create an infographic”

  INTERVIEW. She's 33 from Milan. Laura Cattaneo is a journalist. She creates the infographics and the illustrations for the Italian newspaper IlSole24ore. And she's the art director of la vita nòva, a science and technology supplement created only for the iPad. You can check her – brilliant – work on her site Half Past Twelve. […]

10 things I’ve learnt while hunting “Who” Grant

How to accomplish mission impossible? First of all, is there such a thing?  I believe that impossible is nothing, though you might need whole bunch of necessary skills and willingness to use any means available to get things done. One evening my fellow stagiaire asked me whether I would like to accompany her at hunting down […]

How I became Giulio’s hero

“Florent is my hero”. This exclamation, published on 2 July by my colleague Giulio on Facebook, went straight to my heart. What a professional and personal achievement for me… You’re jealous? I understand. But I’m not selfish, so here is how I became Giulio’s hero. May it inspire you!

The true story of mister #

In radiography it's the symbol for a fracture. In linguistic it means that a sentence is semantically wrong. In chess note is the symbol for checkmate, and in cartography is the symbol for village. The hash we always use on Twitter has a long story. This week the Italian Twitter account of the EP – @europarl_it – […]

When the chat is AFK, the mice dance on the TBL

Due to my last two posts having been rather lengthy, I'll try to keep this brief. And in light of the subject of the video, I'll make it even briefer by using as many geeky chat acronyms as my limited knowledge – and Google – allows: CTC? FYI: Geek, "CMG", hired by PTB to D […]

The Creation (of a new paradigm for EP communication)

In the beginning was a word, and this word was from our Secretary General, and this word was the Secretary General. And the word was: “let there be light on the political side of the Parliament”.

All is revealed: the 15 shows in the Christmas video.

Our latest Christmas video, as afficionados of this blog, and indeed many others, know, is based on the title sequences of 15 well-known TV shows. Well-known? Well, yes. But so far, no-one has been able to recognise them all, with age and nationality playing a clear role in determining which ones are familiar and which […]

Togo or not Togo…

This is a blog post I was supposed to write some time ago… But somehow I couldn't find the time to do it last week. Now I sit comfortably in my chair in lovely Strasbourg (yes, it's plenary once again), watching the Christmas market under the snow outside (or almost) and I can remember those […]

Four gurus and six ideas to improve our web presence

With some other colleagues dealing with social media and the Parliament web presence, we went for a two-days trip to Paris to meet some geeks. Or, to be more precise, to meet web experts, public institutions webteams and web-journalists. A highly valuable school trip which gave some ideas about how we could further improve the […]

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