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Everyone’s a photographer

Here at Webcomm we work a great deal with social media to spread our news but also to interact with our readers and followers, the citizens of the EU (and hopefully a few outsiders who may be curious as well!). On Instagram, for example, you've had the chance to share your morning coffee with the […]

A coffee with EP Spokesman Jaume Duch

We call him "Über Boss" and he once explained here what it means to work with us – from his point of view. This week, Newshound, the EP internal online magazine interviewed Jaume Duch-Guillot, EP Spokesman and Director of Media Directorate on different issues: workwise and personal. Here comes the full interview, if your curiosity […]

Twitter overflow: How to find the stuff that matters to you – and be found by others

Here is a surefire way of losing your sanity: set up a Twitter account follow the 251 journalists, politicians and NGOs that really matter to you try to keep up with what is happening. It will drive you crazy. The average Twitter users send 2-3 tweets a day, but professionals easily clock in with some […]

Behind closed doors

Berlin, 24 May 2014, 11.53pm. As soon as her phone conversation with President Barack Obama ended, Chancellor Angela Merkel started wondering what the results of the Elections to the European Parliament would be tomorrow. And what impact they might have in the puzzle she had been negotiating in the last six months.   Madame Christine […]

Happiness 2.0

Work. This place where we spend more or less 40 hours a week during 40 years. Which makes in total approximately… well, many, many hours. Our parents and grand-parents used to stick to the same job for their whole career. We don’t. We explore, like migratory birds do, we try, we compare, sometimes stay for […]

Out of control, into a team

  Journalism is a one-man (or rather, a one-girl) type of show. You dig your data, you conduct the interviews, you write your piece and then you sign it too, just so that everyone knows who is to laud or blame. Editor is there, true, but in the end, it's your mother who buys the […]

The European Parliament dress code

Would you ever have thought of finding women parading in leopard dresses and men wearing bright green pants along the corridors of the European Parliament? Two months ago (before I started my internship), I would have thought it was a joke but believe me it isn't. In fact, you can notice colourful outfits and also […]

Meeting Steve

  Steve used to be one of our most active bloggers. And our boss. Then he said goodbye. Have you ever wondered what is he doing now? He is not blogging about it for sure… So we went to meet him and simply asked. What is your new job? I've become a director for Relations […]

Making a hash of hashtags

There were more than a few distraught Cher fans on Twitter last Monday. Stumbling across the hashtag #nowthatchersdead, they assumed it referred to the popular singer of If I Could Turn Back Time instead of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher who died that day following a stroke. It's not the first time either that […]

Put your brain on a healthy diet

In our 21st century, thinness is seen as the ultimate virtue. Every cover of magazines, posters at bus stops, adverts praise for slimness. Thousands of articles describe the latest miracle diet to get rid of unwanted kilos. It also applies to many other things: get rid of unwanted items in your house, toxic people in […]

#Sex, #jobs & #2014EUelections

Sex!!! – Now that I have your attention… I'm selling my course book on Introduction to Economics, price: 2,000 pesetas. When I was student, Internet, the euro, Twitter and many other day-to-day things did not exist, so we stuck adverts like this one on the walls of our Universities and priced what we were selling […]

Its snowing again…

Life always finds a way…

I met a social media country manager

To be honest for now we only spoke via Facebook and on the phone. She's a social media country manager in Tallinn both for European Commission Representation and for European Parliament Information Office. It's a pilot project called Share Europe Online. When part of my job is writing news stories for EP's webpage and tweet […]

“You might want to learn how to tail better if you plan on making a habit of it”

Somewhere in this vast virtual space exists a blog post written by past Caroline, beginning trainee. Here we are, over a year later, and somehow… I'm staying! "Is this your first job-job?" – "Yes." (pauses) "Yes-yes." And what did I learn so far? What I learned from Engagor Statistics are your new best friend. But […]

Being an Organization – Online #03 – Opportunities and Threats

  Strengths and weaknesses belong to your organisation – there is something you can do about it (most of the time). The second part of the SWOT analysis aims at identifying external opportunities and threats. They happen to exist outside your organisation and are essential to consider in order to reach your objectives. Because you've […]

Social media “family” photo

You don't see that often – our whole social media team in one picture! We're usually anonymous behind our computers, but this week we were asked to provide a photo to a journalist and it was a nice occasion to gather everyone. If you follow the blog regularly, you will notice many new faces. Our […]

Small fish

It usually is tiny by any measure and I doubt it features highly in any chic restaurants yet there is something about the European sprat that keeps my thoughts occupied with it in recent weeks. Let me tell you why. It all started with an infographic. The European Parliament adopted its position on the reform […]

Naked in the snow

Two women who posed naked in the snow to amuse friends had never expected having to cope with success in the end. Loads of naked-in-the-snow photos – and derivative versions – created a new fashion for the winter. Nowadays on social media success comes most of the times unexpectedly. Did the snow do it for the […]

EP dances against violence

In spite of the heavy showers banning them from using the Esplanade, a group of forty fearless activists are about to spring into action, swinging white "V-day" umbrellas this Tuesday in EP in Brussels: – eight steps on site: right, left, right, left… – umbrella slowly up, and down in front… – four steps ahead: […]

Anonymity online: freedom without the responsibility?

Is anonymity on the web encouraging people to misbehave? On 10 October 2012 Canadian teenager Amanda Todd committed suicide after being the victim of cyber bullying. In Belgium this month several girls filed a complaint with the police after a Facebook page published their photos and implied they were promiscuous. Politicians are increasingly becoming concerned […]

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