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When updates intrude

Automatic updates – orchestrating changes just when you have turned your back. A few decades ago there was a thing called MSN Messenger that had emoticons for people who wanted to manage their long-distance relationships. Messenger has evolved into eternity but the dire memories of updates remain. Approximately once a year your contact groups got […]

MEPs on Twitter

It was the kick-off of the new parliamentary term in Strasbourg last week, and there was a lot of media interest about who those MEPs are. You can find a plenty of interesting facts about them here (check out the tabs at the bottom of the page). I found it curious that about half of […]

Excuse-moi? Do you have free Wi-Fi here?

As summer holidays are approaching we consider it almost automatically that the one of the most concrete proof of the EU legislation with direct effect on the citizens, i.e. the question of roaming charges, is on the table again. And in fact it is. Yesterday I got an email from my phone provider saying that […]

World Cup 2014: Good luck Europe!

It’s already been one week since the World Cup 2014 has started. But we can already say that Europe is playing well. Keep up the good work, Europe! Out of the 32 countries that qualified, ten are European: Croatia, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, England, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Belgium. As we speak, they scored […]

#EP2014: We need your help for final communication push!

A few days left until the EU elections. Will social media make a difference? We hope so! In these last few days we would like to reach as many people as possible & for this we need your help. Here a few tools that could help you communicate during these last days before elections. Thunderclap […]

Cruising at full speed

Fewer than 20 days to go before the European elections… Has something already changed in Europe? Yes! The sky is dotted with balloons (more than 6,000 to date), recipes are being exchanged, the EP is being boxed, the European flat has been renovated and a wild and crazy cat is running wild on the internet…

What does Autocomplete tell us about Europe?

I was fascinated by a recent blog post about the way Google autocompletes searches for countries in Europe. You can certainly question how accurately the suggested word depicts a nation, but it still says something of the popular myths and (mis)perceptions in the English-speaking world about it. So I decided to go a bit further and […]

2013 Web Comm Christmas Video

It's a long standing tradition since our first video which granted us the nickname of the "Dancing Unit" in some corridors of our beloved institution: every Christmas our team produces a short video, just for the fun of it. In 2013, Rita, Annastiina and Kristina took the lead with Gabor holding the camera and Caroline playing the […]

A-Z: S for #SocialMedia, #Sex & #humanrightS

I attended last week a two-day training on social media. The trainer reminded us that social media succeeded to take over pornography as most popular online content. Yet, one of my colleagues underlined that sex is still likely to be well ahead of all other issues. One of my daily tasks is managing @Europarl_ES, and […]

Online rants: are you an angry bird?

            Are you impulsive on social media? Are you eager to share, retweet, like or comment? And when you do, do you rant? You are not alone… When using social media – some more than others – you find it normal for people to “vent out”. Social distance and some […]

Being young in the Old continent

Lost generation, sacrificed generation, precarious generation… I get the impression that society absolutely wants to define and characterize us by our current difficult situation, forgetting what we are probably above all: the European generation.  According to a report from the European Commission, 70% of young Europeans aged between 15 and 24 believe that Europe is […]

Is the goal really the goal ? – Football Belgica

Despite being a man football has never been a decisive thing in my life. At primary I was not good at it and this was already enough to cut my football career in half already that time. And even though Hungarian teams are not very important nowadays football is very strongly supported by the State: […]

Respect your #sister

Thursday the 10th of October, the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz announced the winner of the Sakharov prixe 2013 to be the young Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai who fights to promote the right to girls' ducation amidst Taliban violence. With the blog as her weapon she became a powerful voice in Pakistan, and […]

Euro is coming!

Next year it’s Latvia’s turn to join eurozone, as starting from 1 January 2014 Latvians will exchange their lats (current Latvian currency) to euros. Latvia’s road towards euro was not a smooth one – it was planned to adopt the euro on 1 January 2008, but for various reasons this was subsequently delayed several times. […]

Don’t exploit trainees! Support for good-quality traineeships

Low or no pay, precarious social security, low-standard working conditions… This is what young people risk to get when choosing to do a traineeship. The European Parliament asked for quality standards for pay, working conditions and health and safety for trainees, in a resolution tackling youth unemployment and work abuse by companies. I used to […]

This Time, It’s Different

On Tuesday 11 September 2013, European Parliament launches its Information campaign leading up to 2014 Elections. As you may imagine, this is an important moment for the Web team. Not only are we closely associated with the full campaign, but an important part of it will take place on our various social media. This is […]

Miley vs Syria: how far should websites go to attract more traffic?

It was a refreshing breath of honesty. Meredith Artley, managing editor of CNN.com, explained in a blog why they had made Miley Cyrus’s racy performance at the VMAs the website’s top story. It was not, she said, because Miley’s suggestive dancing was the most important story in the world that day, but rather because they […]

On the topic of One hit wonders

So I've made an appearance on the blog – mere days before I leave the country and return to the homeland. The first thing that hit me when that post was published was: is this it? Is this my one and only contribution to this blog? My very own one hit wonder? Nah. You won't […]

So you want to be a webcomm trainee?

A few words from the wise… after five months holed up in the office on Rue de Montoyer all I can say is – Don't do it! It might just be one of those experiences that will teach you something new about yourself, the EU, and interaction with people from different cultures and backgrounds. And you […]

End of an editorial season (again)

The last time I wrote a similar post was in July 2011. Somehow, I missed the momentum last year, and yet here it comes again: the end of our eighth editorial season. Because we launched the first new version of the European Parliament website in September 2005, my mental calendar is the similar of a […]

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