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#EP2014: We need your help for final communication push!

A few days left until the EU elections. Will social media make a difference? We hope so! In these last few days we would like to reach as many people as possible & for this we need your help. Here a few tools that could help you communicate during these last days before elections. Thunderclap […]

Twitter overflow: How to find the stuff that matters to you – and be found by others

Here is a surefire way of losing your sanity: set up a Twitter account follow the 251 journalists, politicians and NGOs that really matter to you try to keep up with what is happening. It will drive you crazy. The average Twitter users send 2-3 tweets a day, but professionals easily clock in with some […]

Defending Europe at the home front

Perspective is a funny thing. Here in Brussels, I am one among many: an editor trying to make sense of what is happening in the Eurozone and then turning some of it in articles that are not entirely unreadable. Back home in Germany, I am "our man in Brussels". Going to a family reunion invariably […]

European History of (Cheap) Political Jokes

I am kind of an expert in bad jokes. That’s what happens when you are German Eurocrat – you hear quite a lot of them.

Go viral or go home

A short summary for the pressed reader: Based upon research and experience, we have concluded that only young, cute, hairy MEPs will allow for successful viral communication campaigns. Besides editing the German website, I worked on two projects last year. One was a comic strip that should explain the Euro crisis in simple terms. The […]

The trap falls of tweeting politics

Twitter is a bit like a spoiled princess: it needs a lot of attention, is fast to lose interest and doesn’t give much back. No wonder Twitter has long been the step-child of our social media activities. Sure, we cannot just leave it alone in the woods (Hansel & Gretel style). It is too well […]

Ten things I have learned in Brussels

I am new to the EP, the webteam, Brussels at large. So I will use the bedazzlement of these first weeks, when everything still seems exciting and/or strange, for a first post. In lack of any better idea, I will simply list my observations from one to ten. Anyways, web tracking experts say that lists […]

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