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A voting initiative to be happy about

What is the best way to convince young people to vote in the European elections in May? Expound on the manifold responsibilities of the European Parliament? Rhapsodise on the many good things MEPs achieved over the past legislature? Or a bit of song and dance? The people behind the Happy Voting video found a clever […]

Miley vs Syria: how far should websites go to attract more traffic?

It was a refreshing breath of honesty. Meredith Artley, managing editor of CNN.com, explained in a blog why they had made Miley Cyrus’s racy performance at the VMAs the website’s top story. It was not, she said, because Miley’s suggestive dancing was the most important story in the world that day, but rather because they […]

Making a hash of hashtags

There were more than a few distraught Cher fans on Twitter last Monday. Stumbling across the hashtag #nowthatchersdead, they assumed it referred to the popular singer of If I Could Turn Back Time instead of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher who died that day following a stroke. It's not the first time either that […]

Anonymity online: freedom without the responsibility?

Is anonymity on the web encouraging people to misbehave? On 10 October 2012 Canadian teenager Amanda Todd committed suicide after being the victim of cyber bullying. In Belgium this month several girls filed a complaint with the police after a Facebook page published their photos and implied they were promiscuous. Politicians are increasingly becoming concerned […]

Giving our Facebook fans something to smile about

It was meant as a light-hearted initiative, something to brighten up the day of our Facebook fans as they pored over their messages and updates.  We often use our Facebook page to bring up important issues the European Parliament is working on, but sometimes we also like to inject some levity into our page. So […]

The power of Twitter

IT consultant Sohaib Athar was just minding his own business in peaceful Abbottabad, when a sudden noise disrupted his peace. Annoyed he fired off a quick tweet to complain about the intrusion: "Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1am (is a rare event)." Little did he realise that by doing so, he was the first person […]

Discovering Europe through Erasmus

France might be one of the better places for meeting the French, but it also works a treat for making friends from outside the Hexagone. When I left Paris in 1999 after studying there for a year, I did so with an address book spanning the breadth of the European continent. It didn't involve me […]

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