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How to transform from chaotic to well-organised

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected”…These words open a new chapter in your life. You are over the moon and cannot wait to start. Congratulations, you made it through first checkpoint but the party has not started yet. Are you ready to kick off?   You sign your contract, get […]

Welcome on board! Please fasten your seatbelts

Yeah! It's happening…again! We are excited about injecting a new young blood into our unit. Well, truth to be told, I'm a newbie myself. Just a couple of months ago I was in your place. My arrival into Brussels as a stagiaire is fresh in my mind and I think we all admit that first […]

10 things I’ve learnt while hunting “Who” Grant

How to accomplish mission impossible? First of all, is there such a thing?  I believe that impossible is nothing, though you might need whole bunch of necessary skills and willingness to use any means available to get things done. One evening my fellow stagiaire asked me whether I would like to accompany her at hunting down […]

Does Europe need another “Green Wave”?

  Does Europe need another “Green Wave”? It was the 56th day of my traineeship (yes, I have just calculated that number) – the first one after Petra had left. After I had managed to break a shower in the morning I got the feeling it was going to be one of those days when everything […]

Is the EU cool enough? No. But the Web Comm is!!

Couple of weeks ago- two or three- I became a part of the Web Communication Unit of the European Parliament as I started my traineeship over here. Before my arrival everybody back home was asking me that kind of questions you can't really answer:   “How come you have been selected for this traineeship? Was it […]

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