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Heads of state addressing the European Parliament since 2004

Have you ever wondered how many Heads of state addressed a formal sitting of the European Parliament? Plenary statistics show that 35 presidents, one vice–president, one king, one queen, one emir and one grand duke delivered a formal address to Members since 2004. Slovenian and Portuguese presidents addressed the Parliament in June's plenary and it […]

Searching with Newshub: simple tips

Recetly I was experimenting with a search tool of the Parliament's Newshub and want to share several tips that might facilitate your way to follow what Members are saying on the web. Language setting First, mind the language setting when you search for a word that is written the same way in more than one […]

Net neutrality revisited

In our speedy life, waiting in front of a screen for internet content to load can cause stress. One even can loose temper when confronted with "Not Found". We want it all and we want it now! There were days when one used to ask about computer's processor speed and memory size. Nowadays one is […]

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