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Vive la France!

Florent has already written about the most interesting things we’ve learnt in Paris. I will complement his points, while adding a general consideration: the French web scenario is well ahead in terms of trends, vision and professionalism. This summed to their elegant, sophisticated way of presenting things makes me say “Vive la France!”

Who said that good web campaigns have to be “coordinated”?

Sometimes it is exactly the opposite. This week I met in Milan the campaign wizard and the web content manager of the new Mayor Giuliano Pisapia. His campaign has been one of the most remarkable examples of participative web in Italy, a fascinating example of how the internet is affecting modern politics. Two lessons learnt: the internet and the neighbourhood can be very good friends. And “coordination” is NOT the key to success.

The importance of taking measures

Some weeks ago, a little group of us went for a school trip at the European Commission, where our favorite geek-buddies showed us the wonderful tool they got to manage online reputation. No wonder that, big kids as we are, we got out of there saying “we want it as well!!”.

It’s not (only) a Mafia Game

Last week we wrote several articles on volunteering on the occasion of the II Youth Convention on Volunteering. A recurrent assumption on voulunteering is that you “help the others”. Allow me to disagree: for me volunteering is, first of all, helping yourself. And – at best – some trees.

MEPs Tab: the Birth of an App

It’s not new: many things that come to light in our work, come from very far away. On Facebook, most of the ideas that we are currently realising belong to Christian’s time. Challenges and satisfactions of working for a big and complex institution: “it’s like walking on eggs”, somebody said. Completely right.

Dictators are (also) on Facebook

Damascus is only a three hours flight away from Brussels, yet an infinite distance runs between Syria and our understanding of the recent events. I have been to Syria two years ago. Like in the other “Arab spring” countries, nothing could lead to imagine what would have happened today under the puzzled and incredulous eyes of us Europeans. Likewise, we are far from understanding the spam attack on the European Parliament’s Facebook page by pro-Syrian messages that started two weeks ago is still going on.

And…if we did it in Strasbourg?

The political arguments about the dual location of the European Parliament rumble on, but meanwhile, one of our number seems to have made a discovery, fallen in love and found her personal solution.

Digital authority: back to the future?

Is the time of new Facebook friends over? Is the role of social media in the Arab revolutions just the end of an era? Yes, according to a digital media guru that was this week in Brussels. Social media are far from dying, but they are changing their skin. Are we ready for the mutation?

Half full or half empty glass?

Me, I always go for the half full. I’m a diehard optimist by nature. But in this day, I have to admit, I had a moment of tiredness with the trolls on FB, who made me forget how well the page is going…

Why Wikileaks didn’t surprise me much

This tide of cables revealed by newspapers in the last two weeks, didn’t really impress me. The reason is not that, as many people said, there was nothing new, nothing shocking or nothing interesting. The reason is that it happened at the same time I was reading a book titled “Profondo nero” (Deep Black) about one of the darkest page of my country’s history.

FB chats : and now ?

It is obvious that you cannot run FB as « business as usual ». You have to experiment, be new, fresh and come up with some good stuff all the time, if you want your audience to “react”. We, “the FB team” of the European Parliament, have always tried to keep it in mind. But…

Venice to Amsterdam, without leaving Brussels

I have a story with the Club of Venice. Actually, my story in Brussels begins with the Club of Venice: I was 23, about to finish my University in Milan, and only one thing I had in mind: go abroad as soon as I finished my studies. I was dreaming with Spain, Argentina, maybe Africa or even the US…

Mission 11:30 – Everything to lose

It was a rainy and grey morning in Brussels. Nothing extraordinary, you will think. But something extraordinary, that day, was to happen at 11:30. The preparations didn’t announce the best.

Another way of communicating

What is a 29 year old Romanian post-punk doing in the middle of an African village screaming in the local moré language and rolling about, and why the 200 locals around laugh? The African adventures of two web-editors…

Time for selFB-confidence

The FB page of the European Parliament rocks, and we shouldn’t be afraid to say it. As Florent wrote on his post, we’ve the broadest EU community and the biggest Parliament’s presence on Facebook in the world. I’m honoured to work at this project, and I want to invest myself to make it bigger, nicer, […]

Do you check Facebook during your “intimate moments”?

Everyone’s talking about social media (including us). We are generally keen of course, but, as we all know, there are dangers too. So it was high time for Raffaella to look at the latest research into social media obsession. Her research took her in surprising directions.

A coffee with Klaus

An excellent idea But it would have been even better if I was not eating a biscuit when he stretched out his hand and smiled: “Klaus Welle”. Me, mouth full: “Baffabella Be Mabte”. For those who don’t know Klaus:  he is the Secretary General of the European Parliament. Basically the Boss of the bosses of all […]

A Swift look at Twitter

The so-called SWIFT agreement was not only a kind of miracle that made it possible to watch EPLive with a lot of emotion, passion and tension. It was also, for me, the occasion to better understand Twitter, on which I thought as Kurt (post of 9 Feb) before. There are hundreds and hundreds of tweets on this […]

Obama is hiring a Twitterer…

…”But don’t mention #SWIFT in the application”. This Tweet by Kattabel made my day: Two big joys. Fist one: Obama is looking for a Social Networks Manager. Everybody knows that the American President used the social media tools trough all his campaign and continues to feed them actively, with over 7,5 Million fans on Facebook […]

Dante call Brussels

I don’t know if there are many Italians reading this blog. But I would still like to point out to you two blogs dealing with EU affairs in Dante’s language. Straneuropa is written by the Brussels correspondent of  “La Stampa”, a widely-read newspaper. It depicts EU politics with a sense of sharp humour and constructive, pro-European criticism. Sometimes he relates funny, surprising anecdotes from […]

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