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Photo of the week

Sakharov Prize Network debate. Voices for Democracy: Citizenship in the Making This is the full photo reportage I did of the ceremony.. an emotional one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/european_parliament/sets/72157631739474335/show/

Photo of the week: “My bell. My Empire for a bell..”

Last month in the EP there was a big change.. A new President of the Parliament was elected.. Jerzy left the trone to Martin! This month in the EP Chamber there was also a small but noisy change.. the bell replaces traditional gavel! From February plenary session onwards the start and conclusion of a speech, […]

Photo of the week: “A family photo”

I love this layout because it transmits the atmosphere of the last days of a presidential cabinet. The last days of Jerzy Buzek's mandate, the end of an era, the closing of a circle. Everybody in the President's office was really relaxed; Jerzy was sitting amongst his staff, with his visiting daughter not so far […]

Photo of the week

"It is a good challenge for a photojournalist to find a good and news way to illustrate an interview. In this case the interview was about the report on security on motorbikes by Wim Van de Camp ! The best way was to convince him to pose on a motorbike, but time constrain did not make it possible. So […]

“Sliding doors”

After so many years working in the EP (nearly 6), an outsider photographer could think that you get tired or short of ideas because you have been taking photos of everything.. but he/she shall be wrong! One of the reasons why I love my job is because in the EP house, as everywhere, you can […]

Reportage: a day in the life of EP President Jerzy Buzek.

For a long time the WebCom unit has wanted to do a photo reportage of a day in the life of the President, but we had to wait for a special occasion to get a spot in a delegation for the unit’s photographer. We didn’t really want a visit to or by a┬áHead of State, […]

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