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Castro’s Cuba: ex-prisoners tell their story

My eyes were covered up for days, my prison cell was full of cockroaches, rats and pestulants, and there was a lack of drinking water. They tortured me, mistreated my wife and limited family visits. Some people perished as a result of lack of medical help” – that’s what one of the four Cuban political […]

Pécs, the cultural capital of Europe 2010 and more…

As one of the European Culture Capitals 2010 Pécs, this UNESCO world heritage site is getting discovered by thousands of tourists. With a calendar jam packed with cultural events, everyone will find some amusement to his/her taste. Did you know that Pécs gave the famous op-art painter Victor Vasarely to the world? And no wonder, […]

Taste for controversy

Do I have a particular taste for controversy or do I come from a region of Europe full of controversies? Probably both, still I sometimes believe Europe is not ready to face “our controversies”.

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