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Integration best way to make online gambling safer

The European market for online gambling has increased enormously over the past decade and today 10 % of all gambling takes place over the internet, via mobile phones or interactive platforms. There are almost 15.000 gambling websites in Europe and the annual market volume is in excess of 10 billion euro.   I have never […]

NATO one year after…

“I am suggesting nothing less than a radical change in the way we think about European security”

The hysteria has begun

Here we go again…World Cup in Football. The next 4 – 5 weeks millions and millions of people will spend endless hours singing, drinking and shouting while watching grown up men chasing small leather balls in South Africa. It’s the 19th edition of the World Cup and the first ever to be held on the […]

Youth policy included in the 2020 strategy

The economic crisis has hit European youngsters disproportionately hard. Today, more than 5.5 million young Europeans under 25 are unemployed (21.4 %), which is twice as high as the overall unemployment rate. Earlier this month the Commission launched its new economic “10 year plan”: the so called Europe 2020 strategy, which is based on three […]

From paradise to Brussels

Working for the European Parliament is in many senses a unique experience. One of them is that you get the chance to work in a multicultural environment with people from all over Europe. In our unit we got “representatives” from 22 different countries. I normally share office with my nice Bulgarian colleague Svetla, who used […]

Can Obama deliver in Copenhagen?

Obama announced surprisingly last Friday that he will attend the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in the crucial days at the end of the meeting instead of the beginning as originally planned. But why is it so important when Obama will attend the conference? What difference does it make whether he comes this week and […]

Learning to cope with social media

So now it’s all over… Nearly six weeks with intensive online election campaigns. Last week nearly 162 million European voters went to the polls to elect their 736 representatives in the European Parliament. Even though   the 43, 2 % turnout is the lowest ever, it was way better than most analyst had expected before the […]

Two crises that showed why the EP matters…

One editor, two crisis. Olav tells us the stories behind the story of two issues he covered during this first semester.

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