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A book and an interview with my boss

Few weeks ago I received an invitation from the EP's president Martin Schulz to attend a special event in the House – the launch of the book Europe’s Parliament: People, Places, Politics by Stephen Clark and Julian Priestley. This is the secret project my boss was working on since quite of a while whenever the […]

The tale of the infographics

After just a few days since I returned from my holidays (I like saying that it has been just a few days, although in reality more than two weeks had already passed), I immediately realized how hard it is to go back to previous habits of constantly checking those social media producing machines and swallow […]

Photo of the week

  Starting with today, we will create a new series of posts and will publish a photo every week that Pietro, our photographer has taken at work. Certainly, we expect him to justify a bit his choice and give some details, where was it taken, what for, what does it mean, why you chose it […]

Here’s a nettle. Grab it.

Imagine if, when you get out of your house one sunny autumn day in Brussels, the boulevard, normally over-crowded by snaked-shaped car lines near your street is completely car-less. Imagine if this boulevard for once gets filled with bikes and roller blades instead, let’s say ten, hundreds of them… If you are already picturing that […]

I confess

I pop out of bed, get ready and rush to work, but I stop to buy a delicious croissant from Le Fous du Terroir. Once I arrive in the office, I say hello to Radka, who has the office on my way to mine, turn on the PC and head to the kitchen to make […]

To all writers and readers…

If you really want to touch the reader, first we need to start from a very beginning, none others but the writers. This is how it works…every beginning of the week I am sending out an email informing 4-5 people that have expressed their wish or that reached their turn that it’s up to them […]

Can it get more personal?

We are editors, we write daily news for the European Parliament. We come across all types of news and activities going on in the EP, which we pass them on to the real people, in an as comprehensible way as possible. This is our main objective of our work. Then we have the blog here, […]

Facebook chatting today

On the occassion of the International Women Day, EP Facebook team organized today a live debate with MEP Eva-Britt Svensson, chair of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the European Parliament. The topic of the chat was “Violence against women: We can stop it!” There were more than 40 comments made on the […]

To tweet or not to tweet?

Here is the reverse side of the coin for Twitter? Or  perhaps just a better explanation? Watch a teenager speaking about the point of twitter and about the world according to Twitter in his series, specially dedicated for “tech geeks”, as he says, or, why not, everybody interested…

Is social media jeopardizing our careers?

Is social media jeopardizing our careers? This is the question I ran upon when reading through an article today. And here is one piece of advice – job seekers ought to pay much more attention on where and what exactly they are posting on the online environment, since this can jeopardize their careers. According to a survey made […]

Arty Parliament

There is a new exhibition in the House. Since Monday, the EP corridors are filled up with works of art belonging to Polish artists. The Parliament has an art collection of around 360 works and it’s planning to make it available on the internet also for the general public. In the meantime, you can have […]

Yes! Superpower, baby…

Some people really believe in superpowers. Ok, maybe not believe, but at least secretly wish to have one and take advantage of it every once and a while. But what if we pretend for a minute that we are actually super heroes, with all those powers seen in movies or cartoons? What if the entire […]

How to make a simple office so… my own mine?

Once I spotted this office, I decided altogether that I should check it out a bit more and find out what it is that makes it constantly crowded with loud people dropping by for a laugh. Is it the slightly decorated walls, with the clumsy painted Europe map, all the Cuba memories on the walls […]

Copenhagen, Copenhagen…

Everybody has been long talking about it…now it is actually happening. Here is a very useful website of the EP delegation to Copenhagen. Videos, infos, quizz, news…try them all out here!

Open up the web!

The web owner, the “father of the web”, as he is called, visited the House yesterday.  Sir Tim Berners-Lee came to EP to talk about the importance of an open web. We managed to catch him for a second and asked him some questions on the open and free web and importance of web technologies. […]

We need more walls!

It took me long to figure out which wall to pick up on this time, and that is because I had problems deciding over the ones left behind so far. I guess I made the right decision, however, to blow in our photographer’s office. End of the corridor, very well hidden and almost all the […]

And the LUX Prize winner is…

…LUX Prize cinema award goes to the movie “Welcome”, by French director Philippe Lioret. Welcome shows a swimming instructor in France who agrees to help out a young Kurdish refugee that needs to swim across the English Channel to join his girlfriend who has already emigrated to England along with her family.

Prizes everywhere…

I am curious how many people already saw the three finalist movies for the EP LUX Cinema Prize. Personally, I have not seen any of them yet, although all seem worth watching. There is one about a Kurdish man trying to get to England, “Welcome”, one called “Sturm”, about a Yugoslav war crimes prosecutor and […]

A bit of taste..but sshh, will you?

Who can possibly contradict me when I’d say what a great novel Orwell wrote, Nineteen Eighty-Four? Of course we all like it, reading such an amazing prevision, one big brother and lots of censorship, power and “sex gone sour” fanaticism. Well, I was born in 1984…in Romania. But never felt like this was taking much […]

Lisbon ratified!

Just to keep you posted. It has happened: The Czechs gave the green light for Lisbon. The Treaty will enter into force one month after the ratification.

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