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Born in the USSR #1: Happy Soviet Childhood

Endless fascination lies in the very, very different worlds of our childhood. Here Mindaugas talks about a childhood in the Soviet Union. So far and yet so near…

I like to move it

Moving is the most stressful experience after death of someone close and divorce. Why on Earth are we doing it?

10 truths about babies

Babies are born with an in-depth knowledge of Murphy’s laws

From Russia with cold: 30 hour Moscow experience

Taxi driver no 1: “Until this country starts producing something, it will go nowhere”
Lyudmila Alexeyeva: “It is not awarded to me, but rather to all of us, especially those, who have lost their lives for the cause. If they were alive, they would be happy”
Sergei Kovalev: Russia is currently a stumbling block in the way of international progress. It’s not alone; some other countries are also “splendid” enough.
Oleg Orlov: “Sometimes you feel that you are scooping the sea with a spoon”
Taxi driver no 2: “Airports, hotels, nightclubs, you wouldn’t service them without payoffs to gangs”
@ the Airport café: “Man, move to another café. They sell the same stuff there, I’m busy”

User-generated cyber-trash

There’s a grey zone of cyberspace cluttered with petabytes of irrelevant publicly available private content. Is social media making us waste time and in reality become anti-social?

One seat

Yes, this blog entry is about one seat, but not that of European Parliament. And yes, it is about EP’s monthly commuting to Strasbourg, but in a slightly different perspective. It’s the end of one seat as we know it (I feel fine)…

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