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Let’s feed them some tweets!

A provocative post from Marko giving the hard-bitten “PR professional”‘s view of what social media can mean to an Institution such as ours. So is that what we are? Discuss…

Chasing ideodiversity in a flat world

Taking a look at my desk here at DG Comm, I can see that not much has changed since my days as an editor on European desk at a press agency. My day usually started by leafing through The Financial Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Le Monde, the newspaper institutions that are more often than […]

Bruxelles et moi

Another one of those occasional stories about “how I ended up here” – this time from Marko, our most recent arrival. We learn of hitherto unsuspected similarities between Brussels and Tangiers…

If you throw out SWIFT, why not ban Facebook?

As Facebook’s growth continues apace, more and more attention is inevitably being paid to the issue of privacy for its users. Marko digs into how the online privacy practices of US companies are regulated in the EU market, takes a look at the criticisms voiced by many and asks if a European regulatory backlash is in the offing.

The Battle of the Giants: Facebook and MySpace Fight It Out

It has become a platitude to say that social networks will be the next big thing. Unfortunately, if you subscribe to this widely held view, you are patently wrong. Judging by the amount of media exposure social networks get, and not just in web-focused but also business press, they are a big thing at the […]

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