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Mobility: does it consist of an equal sum?

It is a fact that Brussels has one of the best if not the best transport network system in Europe.  Hence it is quite easy and even enjoyable to consider having a yearly car-free day. The same may not be said for the rest of Europe.  Suffice to think about little hilly Malta with its […]

My new vocation

I left work to become a mum but little did I know that coming back to work not only would I start qualifying for the “working mum” description but also that of a juggler. Every space of time like air for a juggler has millimetres of oppportunities. But dare you miss that fraction of a […]

Saved by a shrunken brain

Tons of books talk about the shrunken brain syndrome of an expectant mum….This seems incredible until one actually experiences it. The truth is that it takes a while to befriend such an enemy of the brain as one becomes aware of losing control. This loss becomes apparent with things falling from one’s hands, forgetting where […]

Stand back and unwind….

Some secrets may best be left dead and buried….but our team kept its nose to the grindstone this year with the election run-up. Now it’s time to unwind pretty much like the string in the arrow after being stretched all along. We have hence decided to recharge our batteries, by breathing deeply in and out and […]

My mama told me so

Dear reader, our team is coming up with a lot of new antics to ensure that our website is attractive to the reader and to make sure every European citizen is informed about what the European Parliament is doing for him and her! Hence, we are all looking forward to the eve of 7 June […]

Voting from exotic spots!

Finnish citizen Joanna Chellapermal was basking in the sun along Bali beaches, not even intending to use her right to vote in the EU elections. When suddenly….here she is in Jakarta using precisely that ONE…. She writes: I had not intended to vote in the EP elections originally. Had I been in Europe it would have […]

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