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Farewell or time for new adventures

It’s 15h21 of Wednesday, the 29th June and the usher has come to take off my name from the office door. Parliament’s efficiency is sometimes surprising: my last day in the Parliament is only tomorrow. Anete whom I have been replacing during her baby time will be back on Friday. It’s officially an end of an […]

L’isola felice

  “Oh, you’re on isola felice?” A  secret source says that in the past week at least three persons in the Parliament have referred with this term to our detached building of Montoyer street nr 75, and we, the WebComm, situated here are apparently a part of it. Isola felice. As a happy island, but […]

The American dream

This is American week in WebComm: our beloved bosses are somewhere between Washington and New York, plotting with the Americans even better online and social media communication for (y)eu and us. Knowing that we all would like to be there with them, between very special benchmark meetings, they’re sending us self-made postcards, photos and tweets […]

Hunting the information

Tuesday morning is the moment when I think of what we could possibly write about the next week, and it’s also a moment of slight despair accompanied by helpless anger: BECAUSE I CAN’T FIND WHAT I NEED. And though I might (always) be wrong, I don’t think it’s exactly my fault. Let’s take this morning’s […]

A newcomer in Strasbourg

“So, how was your first Strasbourg ?” I was asked. (You know, the famous Parliament’s once-a-month session week in Strasbourg, invented by the Treaty Something Something? We were there last week.) Beyond expectations. I am an old newcomer – I have been with the webcomm team for almost two months now and in the Parliament for […]

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