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Horace’s spam sandwich

Let me do some maths today. I have been an editor of the EP website since the beginning of 2007. We write one or two stories per day, let us make it average: one and a half, times three years, be it 200 working days per year (minus holidays etc.), and we get: 1.5 x […]

Meeting Mr President (two times)

A friend of mine likes telling the story of the following oblivious encounter. One afternoon she negotiated the labyrinth of parliamentary corridors in Brussels looking for a colleague of hers who had invited her to a venue where some beautiful part of Europe boasting rich local traditions, displayed its architectural gems, lured passers-by with the […]

The devil is in the quote

It is gray and rainy Brussels Tuesday morning. Would it be really unjust to say it is just Tuesday morning in Brussels? Three people leave their cosy editorial lair on Rue Montoyer and go hunting. Armed with one light dictaphone between two, supported with a heavy pro DSLR operated by our Italian condottiere-photographer, shielded with […]

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