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Where do you go on holiday?

Today, 27 September, is the  World Tourism Day (so many days for so many different things …) – and for the occasion we have a great infographic, on tourism in Europe. No big surprises. France is the most visited EU country. London, Rome, and Paris are the most popular towns to visit in Europe. What is your favourite destination?   […]

Equal pay in the spotlight

8 March is International Women's Day. The theme this year is Equal Pay for Equal Work. Women on average in the EU earn 17 % less than men, or another way to put it is that women to be able to earn as much as men did in 2011 women have to work the whole […]

Parlamentarium – Interactive, multimedia, multilingual

Parliament has just opened its new Visitors Centre, baptised the “Parlamentarium”. Lena had a quick chat about it with a colleague who was heavily involved in making it all happen.

Lunch with the nicest ex-drop out ever …

Thursday at   EESC ‘s “literature lunch” young English author Helen Walsh was reading from her novel “Once Upon A Time in England“. We were transferred from a sunny Brussels rooftop terrace to a cold night in a tough Warrington housing estate. She started reading and it suddenly felt colder. The tale sent shivers down the spine. You knew something bad […]

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