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Flickr, dressing up and dressing down

Protocol is that nebulous thing on the extreme fringes of formality that dictates on which side the flag of the visiting sovereign should be and who shakes hands with the Minister of Industry, Roads and Cheesemaking. It seems logical, but unecessary… or is it? Well, at least, like a McDonalds in Timbuktu, it might sometimes […]

Is having Maltese as an EU language a waste of money?

1. Although Maltese and English are official languages in Malta, Maltese is designated as the sole national language in Malta's constitution, with all the legal ramifications that would suggest. There might be just a handful of us, and most of us might be hairy and short, but that's no reason to belittle us. 2. Maltese […]

Buzzing off: the EU and the honey bee

For many the death of honey bees seems like an unimportant matter. I'll readily admit that to me the death of bees ranked somewhere between the death of a dialect in Tanganyika and the death of one of my blobs of ice-cream that fell on the hot concrete in August of 1989. I thought 'they're […]

Biodiversity, biodiverschmity?

Only 38% of Europeans actually know what the word “biodiversity” means, while 28% heard of it but don’t know what it means. In other words, we’re pretty clueless…

Finders keepers: the future of our audiovisual culture?

The difference now is that, perhaps, only the best artists – the most inventive, the most persistent and the most tenacious – will survive… and I guess that’s the way it ought to be.

Wise? Evil? Not on your nelly…

I’ve been a four-eyes since time immemorial. Well, not time immemorial really, but since fourth grade when one of my teachers caught me squinting at the blackboard and, rather than minding her own business, decided to call my mother. I was dreading this as I knew this would mean a trip to the ophthalmologist – […]

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