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Its snowing again…

Life always finds a way…

Been there, done that, learnt something

…it was a lesson with a twist

A day in Parliament

What does a day at the European Parliament look like? Committee meetings, every now and then the big occasion of the Plenary, people rushing hither and thither clutching documents, meetings, screenings, expert witnesses, MEPs, eurocrats, journalists, visitors and lobbyists and… and… and, no… Much more than just that Parliament is not just the shiny megalith […]

It’s the quality, stupid

The keywords are “engage”, “inform” and “access”

Try the Forgettometer

This is not a discussion on the merits of working for WebCom but an attempt to develop a scientific method of gauging the success of one’s holidays.


A good looking couple from Azerbaijan won

The loop of infinite perfection

Ok I will come clean on this. I’m a moderate Mac fan, and have been for a very long time now. I sometimes can’t help lusting after the stuff the boys from Cupertino come up with but, for some reason, sometimes it all leaves me a little cold. In good old days of the Mac […]

The true twitter revolution

“the web can be killed, it has now been proven, yet the revolution seems to be continuing regardless…”

Euro-slacktivists and the war of the cliché

“Slacktivism” is probably the newest word in the dictionary. It is the kind of activism you engage in when you press the button on this or that webpage which (usually hysterically) promotes this or that worthy cause. As every reader of this blog probably knows, slacktivism isn’t activism because the real activists created the word […]

Some enchanted evening…

“Like an owl in the dark, the boy has been calling the name of his loved one every few minutes”
A true story, we’re told. Let it not be said you don’t find all of life on this blog. Thanks to Kostas for having the temerity to propose this.

The “official viral”

Like discovering that it’s FIFA employees who blow the vuvuzelas.

The second creation

Up to now, there was only one Creation. From now on there are two

They live

In this age of measurement, where everything measurable is measured and everything immeasurable is sent to business schools for measures to be devised, measuring everything is a must, for anyone who’s business is taking measures and the EU is nothing if not a measure-taking organisation. It is therefore reasonable that it should have its own […]

The 7% moment

One of the benefits of western capitalism is the high degree of personal freedom it affords us, they say. People have choice they say. They can do this, that or the other without fear of censure (well, more or less) and go here or there at will. It is actually true – to a certain […]

So who’s social now?

“social media isn’t dominated by the youngest, often most tech-savvy generations, but rather by what has to be referred to as middle-aged people”

So this is what its like after all

So this is what it’s like? After more than a decade and a half as a journalist, I am now a source. One of the… yes, one of the “faceless bureaucrats”.

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