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Back to school with Hugh Grant

"Back to school" is a recent initiative launched by the EU to reach out to youngsters. The idea is that people working for the EU institutions go back to their high schools for a day and talk about their experience working in a multicultural and multilingual environment. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to […]

A juicy tale

I'm not one of those supermarket shoppers who would spend a lot of time poring over label products. I have my favourites and I stick to them. It took some time to find them though, and the way was that of trial and error. Knowing what you buy is important. Rules obliging producers to give you the […]

Going Dutch in Brussels

People always think that I’m a nutter or at least come from Mars when I admit that when I moved to Brussels for work three years ago I spoke Dutch  but didn’t know a single word in French. (No, I am not Dutch.) OK, it can happen that you move to Brussels and don’t speak […]

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