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Dear Y(ou)

You are born between July 1991 and May 1996. You are 17 to 22 years old. Perhaps you are working already, but most likely will still be studying, doing a traineeship or… you are unemployed.  Well, more about that later. Soon, you will have a new right.. In 2014 you will be able to vote […]

Do you have an MEP?

When I was a student, I went to the European Parliament on a study trip. On site, I met a British student who asked me if I already had visited my MEP. MY MEP? I did not have an MEP, as far as I knew, and was immediately jealous of this British student who apparently […]

And the winner is: #Hermandeschermman

There were quite some surprises during the Dutch election night on September 12 – either positively or negatively – and yes, five parties can claim to have won some or a lot of seats. However, the social media winner, soon renamed the swiping king, was the journalist Herman van der Zandt who announced the results for each community using a huge touch […]

International women’s day: not for you?

Oh no, it is that time of the year again. International women’s day will come up in two weeks. What will we write about? Should we write anything at all? We already did this thing during election campaign. What else is there to say? I mean, is there anything to say about the situation in the […]

The Dutch: not tolerant, only pragmatic

A bunch of stoned people (perhaps that is what’s blurring their minds and making them so liberal?), going everywhere on a bike (because it is cheaper?), eating cheese, raw fish (and an occasional potato) in case eating is really necessary (and boy, the food is bad over there).  All this accompanied by beautiful flowers (read: […]

Still no equal representation in Parliament

Next week the newly elected MEPs will flock to Strasbourg for the inaugural session of the Parliament. Among them approximately 35% female Members. A slight increase compared to the previous legislature (until recently Parliament had 31% female MEPs) but way too little to be able to speak of an equal representation, after all 52% of  EU’s […]

One third of webcomm unit still floating

  Each member of our team will be voting since there is always time to vote. Here at the EP headquarters we will on election night be as much waiting for the results to know how the “camembert”  will be divided as we will be waiting for the turn-out figures. As an incentive for candidates to continue campaigning: one third […]

No equal representation? No sex!

The European Parliament currently has 31 % of the seats filled with female MEPs. This figure made Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström recently question the representativeness of this potentially most democratic European institution: “Women account for 52% of the EU population.  They must have equal representation. How can we speak of representative democracy when half the […]

What you do will come back to you

It is about time to reveal a bit more about whom we are, also to give potential trainees the opportunity to make a well-informed choice. The only causes worth fighting for are lost causes At average we are 33 ¼ years young. This youthly figure is without the trainees but includes the boss! Still a […]

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