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Can (EU) foreign policy be dignified?

A question that was again puzzling my mind some weeks ago, when the democratic domino effect started sweeping over the regimes in the southern Mediterranean… Stories, synopses, meetings and a break in the midst of snowy winter scenery interrupted these thoughts – to be resumed now. And the world is not the same anymore – nor is EU foreign policy, I should think.

When Luther came to Brussels…

Citizens have a right to know. This is pure basics of a democratic system. Without knowing what is being and has been decided, and why, you cannot participate, nor can you try to hold decision-makers accountable.

The R-word

We know we need to talk about it, but who dares to pronounce it, the R-word? In the era of political correctness, no hot potato is a potato. Euphemisms encroach. We change candy wrappings, we are ready to give up school plays and customs not to offend. But how relevant are these gestures if we don’t talk about the real problem.

Lisbon and how to sell a Treaty with a new Parliament

Selling chocolate and soft ice at the age of 15 was not a challenge. The customers came, graving for it, and happily paid for their sweet treat. Now, over 20 years later, the challenge is of another scale. I’m working on a tough sell – Lisbon, the EU’s notorious reform treaty, and the new EP in the making.

MEPs come and go…

As a voter you hardly get the chance to cross-examine your potential choice. And you should be able to trust that the parties have already done this for you, made sure that she/he is up to it, right?

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