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Visualization #3 – Tobias Sturt’s “HOW TO create an infographic”

INTERVIEW. There's a place where web design, typography, journalism and cartography meet to produce surprising stories. This place is called Data visualization. Tobias Sturt, the Design Manager at the Guardian Digital Agency, explains us what it is (and why he hates Times New Roman).   Data archives have always existed. How the web-design changed the […]

Visualization #2 – Olimpia Zagnoli’s “HOW TO create an illustration”

  INTERVIEW. Like the photographer Luigi Ghirri and the politician Romano Prodi, Olimpia Zagnoli comes from Reggio Emilia. She's an illustrator. At 28 years old she has already published her work in all the main magazines in the world. From the paper to the digital version: NYT, La Repubblica, Washington Post, Monocle, The New Yorker, Rolling […]

Visualization #1 – Laura Cattaneo’s “HOW TO create an infographic”

  INTERVIEW. She's 33 from Milan. Laura Cattaneo is a journalist. She creates the infographics and the illustrations for the Italian newspaper IlSole24ore. And she's the art director of la vita nòva, a science and technology supplement created only for the iPad. You can check her – brilliant – work on her site Half Past Twelve. […]

The true story of mister #

In radiography it's the symbol for a fracture. In linguistic it means that a sentence is semantically wrong. In chess note is the symbol for checkmate, and in cartography is the symbol for village. The hash we always use on Twitter has a long story. This week the Italian Twitter account of the EP – @europarl_it – […]

How to #fail on Twitter

You can be a diva, a politician or a plumber: if you want to say something today, do it on Twitter. Do it fast. Do it live. And do it in 140 signs. But be careful: 500 million people may potentially read you. { A portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger by Andy Warhol and a self-portrait of […]

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