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MEPs on Twitter

It was the kick-off of the new parliamentary term in Strasbourg last week, and there was a lot of media interest about who those MEPs are. You can find a plenty of interesting facts about them here (check out the tabs at the bottom of the page). I found it curious that about half of […]

What does Autocomplete tell us about Europe?

I was fascinated by a recent blog post about the way Google autocompletes searches for countries in Europe. You can certainly question how accurately the suggested word depicts a nation, but it still says something of the popular myths and (mis)perceptions in the English-speaking world about it. So I decided to go a bit further and […]

Small fish

It usually is tiny by any measure and I doubt it features highly in any chic restaurants yet there is something about the European sprat that keeps my thoughts occupied with it in recent weeks. Let me tell you why. It all started with an infographic. The European Parliament adopted its position on the reform […]

Bulgaria and its alphabet

Every year on 24 May Bulgarians celebrate the Day of the Slavonic Alphabet, one of the most revered national holidays in the country. It is an alphabet with a long and proud history that together with Greek and Latin make up the EU's only official alphabets. So what makes it so special? People often confuse […]

Times Are Changing: A Personal Look into the Brave New World of Digital Communication

Right from the start I want to admit that I have been slow to adopt the fascinating new gadgets that the digital age has brought us. Call me old-fashioned but I still do not own a smartphone, I read most of my books by flipping their pages and have been only recently introduced to Twitter […]

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