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This is how they see us

It’s been a while since the Web Studio proposed a post on this blog. This time, Fred just grabbed a photo of the Boss and the Co-ordinator sitting together in their way back to Brussels after last Plenary meeting. This is how they see us: über-connected and lost in our music bubble. Can’t say they’re […]

The graphical mood

They are the lucky ones who don’t deal with words but with pictures, colours and also things called CSS, html and other things we can’t spell. We are jealous because they work on Macs. We work daily with them and they proposed the photo below to illustrate their current working mood. They are the designers of […]

2009 in one picture

Fred is our talented designer and a welcome Guest blogger. Before leaving the office, he sent us his own personal view of 2009. We couldn’t resist publishing it. So: this what 2009 looked like in the eyes of our beloved designer.

Pop vote

Our designers strike again with a nice tribute to Andy Warhol in this visual post. Fred and Sophie have adapted the official logo of the Election campaign in more than 200 versions (sizes, languages, national claims, national dates of elections). They dream about it, if you want to know.

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