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When updates intrude

Automatic updates – orchestrating changes just when you have turned your back. A few decades ago there was a thing called MSN Messenger that had emoticons for people who wanted to manage their long-distance relationships. Messenger has evolved into eternity but the dire memories of updates remain. Approximately once a year your contact groups got […]

Heat wave rolling, colony growing

After a cold spring July brought to Brussels a deserved heat wave. Third week in a row it goes daily over 27 degrees, peaking now and then 35. It's so hot at nights that one keeps waking up. Late at night, only trunks and an old t-shirt on, sitting behind the keyboard, writing this post, […]

Thumbs up for Brussels architecture

                                    First Brussels' narrow and curvy streets started to fascinate me, orientation is there easily lost. Art Nouveu residental houses and modern looking Art Deco buildings catching my eye. End of the 19th century, first half of the […]

I met a social media country manager

To be honest for now we only spoke via Facebook and on the phone. She's a social media country manager in Tallinn both for European Commission Representation and for European Parliament Information Office. It's a pilot project called Share Europe Online. When part of my job is writing news stories for EP's webpage and tweet […]

It’s drawer time

I could even fantasize but this time I will stick to work related topic. It's about being an editorial desk in one person. So, there is a rule I tend to like – leave a story you are editing or writing for a day or two in the drawer and when you come back to it […]

My contacts in Europe – effective thanks to EVS

I had visitors in Brussels during one weekend, from Denmark, Germany and Netherlands. Three good friends who I met four years ago when doing my European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Romania. There is maybe nothing too much special to have friends over but there is something special to have the feeling that it is very […]

E-leap forward

It’s a simple story about now and then.  Then it was early 2009 and I was doing my traineeship at the very same unit where I now, almost three years later, started to work in full position.  During this period of time Web Comm has enlarged its grip of using online mediums and I feel […]

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