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Practical guide to Latvian Easter traditions

Easter is one of those holidays that a lot of people assocciate with Christianity. For me, however, Easter has always been about pagan traditions that are so very much alive and practised in Latvia. This is going to be a practical guide to coulouring eggs for Easter Latvian way and what to do with them […]

Does a great office make you happier?

If you are following our blog, you will know that we consider ourselves to be a cool unit. And even though during last year most of the unit has changed and is still changing this year, the coolness factor has not disappeared (as Steve duly noted in his blog), I might even dare to say that […]

Is there life after a stage?

Where are they now? Do you ever wonder about all those bright young things who pass through Brussels as “stagiaires”? Seven ex-trainees tell us how it was for them.

Workplace culture of our unit

Work culture is something that exists in every unit, firm, company, government institution or any other place of work. It is part of what the essence of that institution is. Or what a unit is. It works as something that can motivate people to work better or something that can turn your daily work routine […]

One man CAN make a difference

Last week I was one of the lucky ones that was attending Personal Democracy forum in Barcelona. And I am calling myself lucky not only because the location of the event (University of Barcelona) and because I was together with a great group of colleagues, but because of the experiences that were shared during this […]

How did our experiment work?

By Evita & Anete. Before the elections we had the opportunity to carry out a project that was a repetition of an experiment made 50 years ago. We already wrote about the recipe of this experiment and now it is time to summarize the results. Overall we can say that it has been a blissful […]

Our recipe for proving that the world is smaller than you think

In how many steps a (plastic) secret agent can reach its target? Well, if you are as playful as we like to be, Evita explains you here our latest project – thatwill start Saturday 9 May in Brussels.

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