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On the topic of One hit wonders

So I've made an appearance on the blog – mere days before I leave the country and return to the homeland. The first thing that hit me when that post was published was: is this it? Is this my one and only contribution to this blog? My very own one hit wonder? Nah. You won't […]

So you want to be a webcomm trainee?

A few words from the wise… after five months holed up in the office on Rue de Montoyer all I can say is – Don't do it! It might just be one of those experiences that will teach you something new about yourself, the EU, and interaction with people from different cultures and backgrounds. And you […]

Everyone’s a photographer

Here at Webcomm we work a great deal with social media to spread our news but also to interact with our readers and followers, the citizens of the EU (and hopefully a few outsiders who may be curious as well!). On Instagram, for example, you've had the chance to share your morning coffee with the […]

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