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Communicating poverty

How can one communicate what poverty is like? That may sound like a trite question for those who experience it first hand. Perhaps we could emulate George Orwell and take to the kitchens, streets and mines in Paris and London and Wigan and experience grinding poverty first hand. I imagine it would be quite a […]

Social media forum debrief

“Less stories more creatively told” was one of the phrases ringing in my ears as I departed the recent “Social Media World Forum” in London. These words were uttered by Adam Parker of RealWire who was speaking about the relative merits of press releases and whether they work or not in the social media age. […]

Brake-down in communication?

I wouldn’t fancy working in Toyota’s communications department at the moment.  The company has sailed into a perfect “faulty component” storm that has led to the recall of millions cars and trucks and a suspension in sales of many of its most popular models. The estimated bill is expected to top a cool 2 billion […]

Meeting Mr Rasmussen

It is quite a heady experience to sit in the office of the head of the world’s largest military alliance and ask him questions about global geo-politics. Geographically, at least, our questions ranged from Brussels to Moscow via Washington and Kabul.

European Parliament “Question time” – can it deliver?

Many people are hoping that question time at 3 pm this afternoon will deliver a lively and memorable debate when Members bowl questions at Commission President José Manuel Barroso. To move things along and prevent waffle they are limited to 1 minute – for the question and response. Questions on any subject will come from […]

The history of the world is the world’s court of justice – Friedrich Von Schiller

 Moscow and Warsaw have been trading verbal blows over the circumstances of the outbreak of WW II – the opening of which began 70 years ago this week. To anyone who follows the European Parliament it seems that historical disputes are never far from the surface. The arrival of countries from central and Eastern Europe […]

The Times They Are a-Changin’

Writing in Prospect magazine this month Steven Johnson and Paul Starr debate the question of whether the changes brought to the media by the internet herald “a golden age of serious journalism” or whether it will bring down standards. As someone whose job is to write on the web, I naturally hope it will be […]

A Cornish tale to savour

I  have become a fan of 24 year old Sarah from Cornwall. The other day someone at work sent me the link to her video “UK & EU Date” which I really liked. Basically it starts with her looking through the personal ads of a newspaper where she eventually stumbles across a “strong, protective, multi-cultural entrepreneur who loves […]

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