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Sois belle et parle

"One beer, please" *And some pointers on body language wouldn't go amiss, either* The extremely warm temperature in the pub ensures people consume refreshing beverages from the moment they enter. This is not a bad thing, all things considered. Networking is a tense affair. Even with your inhibitions slightly lowered by liquid courage, it is […]

“Buona sera”

The first words of His Holiness Pope Francis I. It is about a week later and today His Presidentialness has met Pope Francis, which makes for a fine Photo of the week, indeed. Caught in full exchange of tips on how to reach unity in diversity, perhaps? Perhaps. President of the European Parliament (L), Francis […]

“You might want to learn how to tail better if you plan on making a habit of it”

Somewhere in this vast virtual space exists a blog post written by past Caroline, beginning trainee. Here we are, over a year later, and somehow… I'm staying! "Is this your first job-job?" – "Yes." (pauses) "Yes-yes." And what did I learn so far? What I learned from Engagor Statistics are your new best friend. But […]

The Turkle Triangulation

  What do you see?                                                                                                   Eurocrats? […]

Erasm us!

"Erasmus and investment in worst-hit countries at risk, warns Lamassoure" (European Parliament)  "Erasmus est-il menacé par les restrictions budgetaires?" (Le Monde) These are only a few examples of the articles that were being passed around between my friends on Facebook a few weeks ago. Captions usually read "Nooooo!" or ":-((((((".  This is not the part […]

Hackers of the world, unite!

  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hack into the European Parliament’s IT systems and replace its website with the message: "Suckers! We're smarter than you!" . This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.   Well, that isn’t quite true. Hackers don't always get a great press, but here the hackers […]

Today is D-Day

Having heard about life after the end of a traineeship (last post by Andreea), here’s the story of the other end of the process: Caroline’s first day.

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