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Twitter in Wonderland

We started Tweeting before June 2009 elections. We tweeted information about the election dates, which were not the same in all countries, about the results, during the electoral night. At that time the newborn Europarl_XX accounts (change XX for the 22 language codes) where just learning how to walk, taking the first steps in a […]

Why the revolution will be tweeted (#yeswecamp)

Next Sunday’s regional and municipal elections in Spain have been the spark for the #spanishrevolution, a protest movement that was born in Twitter less than a week ago and that is now mobilizing tens of thousands of people all around the country, with Madrid’s Puerta del Sol as its epicentre, Twitter permitting, of course.

The discussion is out there

My conclusions are that we are going in the correct direction, but we should not stop in our efforts to bring Europe even closer to the citizens. We need to better “sell” what we do

The monkeys and the coffee machine

Let me tell you a story about monkey logic, and you may discover that you work in a case full of monkeys… and that you are a simian yourself.


That is how I have been feeling after participating in a competition to become EU official. I tried to prepare it seriously, and then you arrive to the test centre and you can’t avoid wondering if it really made a difference. The European Personnel Selection Office, EPSO, prepares the 3 types of tests the same […]

Watching it like an outsider

My out of office automatic email reply has been on for almost three long months. Coming back last week, I felt like home again after a long trip: everything seemed so familiar, and so much different at the same time. (Almost) same faces, same corridors, more or less the same workload, but a different perspective. […]

Six degrees

Fortunately, the title of this post does not refer to the temperature now in Brussels, but to a theory, the “six degrees of separation”. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about: that every single person in the world is separated from, and connected to, everyone else by just six others.

A bilingual chicken, a naked chicken

The “beauty queen” of the communication campaign for the elections is the chicken. By popular request. One of them even got a love letter in the form of graffiti: “Je t’aime, poulet” (I love you, chicken).

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