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A-Z: S for #SocialMedia, #Sex & #humanrightS

I attended last week a two-day training on social media. The trainer reminded us that social media succeeded to take over pornography as most popular online content. Yet, one of my colleagues underlined that sex is still likely to be well ahead of all other issues. One of my daily tasks is managing @Europarl_ES, and […]

Communicating an Olympic Spain without defeatism

Unsatisfactory allocation of talent and human resources into politics and communication is one among many other problems Spain is suffering from. And sorting it out would indeed help to overcome this crisis. This has been showed once again as the Major of Madrid performed a very poor and broadly criticised presentation of the Capital of […]

Behind closed doors

Berlin, 24 May 2014, 11.53pm. As soon as her phone conversation with President Barack Obama ended, Chancellor Angela Merkel started wondering what the results of the Elections to the European Parliament would be tomorrow. And what impact they might have in the puzzle she had been negotiating in the last six months.   Madame Christine […]

#Sex, #jobs & #2014EUelections

Sex!!! – Now that I have your attention… I'm selling my course book on Introduction to Economics, price: 2,000 pesetas. When I was student, Internet, the euro, Twitter and many other day-to-day things did not exist, so we stuck adverts like this one on the walls of our Universities and priced what we were selling […]

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