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Frankly about lingua franca

Out of different practical reasons EP’s Facebook page similarly to this blog is being updated only in English (apart from casual insertions in other languages). Our fan community is continuously and quickly growing but how long can we justify our monolingual existence in the main social network of the world? And should we at all? […]

How to solve problems (if you have them)

No need to do the course! Anete tells us here how to solve all our problems. And be creative into the bargain. It’s all about hats, apparently…

The day the system broke down

This week started with a huge system failure. The first thing we noticed was that “Outlook” was not responding anymore. It left – for half a day as we discovered later – with no mention of when it would come back, and we couldn’t write e-mails to each other anymore. It became a day of […]

Waiting for the New Year

We had several New Years already this year. In the beginning of January we celebrated the New Year we all know, in mid-January it was the orthodox New Year, at the end of January it was the Chinese New Year and last week – the Iranian one. However, there is still one to come – […]

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